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BS Accountancy

Accountancy is a profession that plays an important role in all societies. As the world moves toward global market economies and with investments and operations crossing boarders to even greater extent professional accountants need a broad global outlook to understand the context in which businesses and other ogranizations operate.

The BSA Program provides a foundation of professional knowledge, skills, values, ethics and attitude that enable students to learn and adopts to change throughout their professional lives. The balance of these elements may vary but this program will develop the knowledge-base and strong skills in order to produce competent accountants with appropriate values, ethics and attitude.


  • To lay foundation for the development of those qualities that will enhance the accounting students' long-run professional competence.

  • To prepare the students to pass the CPA Licensure Examination and to obtain employment as a professional accountant.

  • To strengthen the nationalistic consciousness of the students so that, as professional accountants they would be biassed in favor of serving Filipino-owned business.

Carrer Opportunities

  • Financial Statement Prepares
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff
  • Management Accounting Staff
  • Management Accounting Staff
  • Tax Accounting Staff
  • Internal or External Audit Staff
  • Financial Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Cost Accountant

  • Comptroller
  • Senior Information System Internal Auditor
  • Senior Fraud Examiner
  • Senior Forensic Manager
  • Financial Services Manager
  • Revenue/Audit Examiner
  • Senior Partner-Audit Firm
  • Accounting Instructor

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Vice-President for Finance/CFO
  • Dean-College of Business/Accountancy
  • Audit Firm Manager
  • Independent External Auditor
  • Consultant/Financial Advisor

Facts and Figures on Accountancy in Sacred Heart College

The old course which started in 1964 is known as Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Accounting. It became known as Bachelor of Science in Accountacy starting 1990. BSA program is a four-year course. The school has produced 2 topnochers:

Penelope Carrasco, Class 1996 - 20th Place
Ronald Watson, Class 1997 - 18th Place

100% Passing Rate = Batch 2007
44% Passing Rate = October 2008

Board Passers
Cordian Board Passers
Nursing Licensure Examination Board Passers [May 25-26, 2014]

1. Abesamis, Ma. Erissa Rachelle Pondevida
2. Aguas, Zia MarieAlneDioyceOdnimer
3. Amacio, MicaelaGraciaVillaverde
4. Amparo, Charlene Lontoc
5. Aquino, Ana Clarisse Aguirre
6. Babista, Camille Paola Ilagan
7. Cabana, Jill Catherine Cepe
8. Calaycay, Darwin Philip Guerrero
9. Castro, Erika Ann Suarez
10. Co, Jan Marini Panopio
11. Dalida, Martin Elgin Balderamos
12. Del Moro, ZyraCharlaynePaderes
13. Deseo, RycheleneVerastigue
14. Dollesin, Shirlyn Villanueva
15. Escobiñas, Jill MaerelleObciana
16. Gañac, Maria Helena Mercado
17. Holguin, Genevieve Mendoza
18. Limbo, Clarice Unlayao
19. Maaño - Murillo, Maica Mae Marin
20. Nogales, John Raphael Aranilla
21. Nuguit, Katrina Escobar
22. Piñol, Niño Rodolfo Arellano
23. Ranuda, Precilla May De Castro
24. Riña, Ericka IanaEcomienda
25. Sante, Charisse Jane Leopando
26. Santua, Anna PatriciaLagran
27. Sarigumba, Lorenz Reoflorido
28. Sarmiento, Aileen Magnaye
29. Soares, Olinda Maria Militante
30. Suarez, GianAjelo Rosales
31. Tolete, Sandra Maldo
32. Umilin, Leah Claudine Venzuela
33. Vendiola, Alyssa Carla Ponce
34. Palma, Charmaine Louise J.
35. Mayuga, Medilyn B.

CPA Board Passers (October 2013)

Co, James Arvee P.
Forto, Queisabel E.
Itliong, Angelica Marie I.
Marcaida,Marlon R.
Ormasa, Mary Grace C.
Pacaigue, Patrick Paolo L.
Rocero, Faye Margaret P.
Uy, Jomari E.
Yap, Kevin Lorenz G.

LET Board Passers (2013)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)

ABANILLA, Maria Viena Luzel D.
ABISTADO, Clarizelle F.
BAYLONGO, Reina Mari Y.
BOTOR, Aileen E.
CAMILA, Mary Joy F.
EBREO, Inah Feliz F.
GANDIA, Rheymart J.
GOCE, Kristine Angelie M.
JABRICA, Brigitte Mae E.
MAESTRO, Marie Joy S.
MALLORCA, Roy Regelito P.
PEREZ, Crystal Anne O.
QUINDOZA, Jesse Leslie O.
SARITA, Sarah Bianca V.
SATIN, Carolina M.

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)
ARAO, Henzyl S.
BANTIGUE, Jeanette A.
BUHAT, Geneva Louise B.
CARABIDO, Moniccar R.
DALEON, Deanne Ross P.
DALISAY, Teodorico A.
DALTON, Mary Chelle C.
FIEGALAN, John Peter P.
JAMIN, Joanne Kathline R.
LABASAN, Angelica D.
MERCENE, Joebelle M.
RAPANOT, Mary Regine B.
RED, Mark Arvin B.
RODIL, Anna Corina O.
RUZ, Catherine R.
SALES, Catherine Joy L.
TERIG, Lhyanne Gizelle D.
VARGAS, Monique Portia C.
VILLASEÑOR, Khyel Patrick G.
ZETA, Donna Marie H.
ZUBIA, Kerlin May L.

Social Work Board Passers (2014)

Buñales, Justine Price Dañielle Gabales
Camay, Rodelio Rellieve
Capina, Racquel Bolado
Dones, Edelyn Villanueva
Geneblazo, Mia Cyrene Murillo
Nosquial, Christine Shiene Alegria
Taburnal, Roremy Lauronilla

Passers: 100%
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