Sacred Heart College
  • Vision / Mission
  • Why study BSCS in SHC?
  • What will you study?
  • Career opportunities?
  • Where do BSCS graduates of SHC work?
  • Admission Requirements for BSCS

Vision and Mission

The college of Computer Science envisions emerging as the region’s center of excellence in computing committed to the holistic formation of computer enthusiasts for national and global development.

To fulfill our vision, the mission of the college is
  1. to provide the students, through a sound and relevant curriculum, the foundations, which will enable them to cope and keep pace with the rapid developments in computer technology.
  2. to equip students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to obtain employment as beginning computer science professionals.
  3. to create among the students an awareness of their responsibility to society as Christian computer science professionals.
  4. to produce science professionals who have developed mastery of skills in the field of information technology.

Why study Computer Science in SHC?

The Computer Science program at SHC is not just devoted to teaching the latest technology. The program prepares students to be IT professionals and researchers, and to be proficient in designing and developing computing solutions.

Computer Science students in SHC are equipped with key analysis skills and systematical thinking, allowing them to succeed in a wide variety of technical and managerial situations, today, tomorrow and in the future.

What will you study?

Programming and Software Engineering: how to write high-quality programs, form small to extensive, that will fulfill the needs of the users.

Theory: mathematical bases for computations and programming.

Algorithm and Data Structures: finding the most efficient and elegant technique for solving computing problems using the smallest possible time and space.

Compilers and Operating Systems: the engineering tools that support the efficient use and programming of computers.

Networking, the Internet, the Web: connecting the entire world.

Graphics, Multimedia, Human-Computer: making the experience of using computers pleasant and effective.

Information System and Databases: organizing the often enormous amounts of data that programs need to process.

Scientific Computing: serving the ever growing needs of larger computations in science, engineering and finance.

On the job training: a central learning experience in BSCS. Students have the opportunity to apply knowledge in a real office scenario and work as a junior IT professional.

And many other topics… some just emerging.

What are the career opportunities?

Applications Developer

Systems Developer

Information Security Engineer

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Science Instructor

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network Integrator

Database Administrators/Programmer/Designer

Web Developer


Call Center’s Technical Supports

Computer Support Specialists

Where do Computer Science graduates of Sacred Heart College work?

They are found at the engineering and management level in various companies, in the Philippines and abroad, and in the development and research division of multinational companies and in local and national offices where their skills and talents in computing and creativeness are practiced.

Admission Requirements for College of Computer Science

A. A student seeking admission for the College of Computer Science must:

1. Be a high school graduate.

2. Conform to the institutional procedures for admitting freshmen.

B. For Transferees

1. Only First year and Second year transferees are admitted.

2. Pass all the admission requirements of the school.

3. Have good deportment records.