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  • Objectives
  • Admission Criteria
  • Clinical Experience Agencies
  • Outstanding Achievements
  • School Performance
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  • Current Board Passers

General Aim

The College of Nursing aims to assist the Filipino youth in their integral development as they grow in consciousness of their dignity and gifts of God in order to serve God through their fellowmen in the home, community, country and the world at large.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide learning experience to acquire general and professional knowledge, nursing skills and attitudes for the service of the family, community and nation

  2. To train students in the effective utilization of the Nursing process to respond to the Nursing needs of the society for the promotion and restoration of health, prevention of illness and alleviation of suffering.

  3. To motivate students to actively participate in socio- economic, political and spiritual activities making present the kingdom of God in any milieu they find themselves in.

  4. To cultivate leadership abilities anchored on Christian values and ideals.

  5. To offer the basic foundation for family life, critical thinking and advanced professional studies and active participation in research.

Criteria for Admission

1. High School graduate with an average grade of 85%.

2. Passed the College Entrance Test (OLSAT, VA, NA, English) Average Grade or above in a College Entrance Test, Aptitude & Personality Test and Faculty Interview.

3. Physically & Mentally healthy without physical conditions which will be an obstacle in the performance of nursing functions such as:

   a. Cleft palate/harelip/speech defect
   b. Effects of poliomyelitis
   c. Strabismus
   d. Amputated extremities
   e. Obesity
   f. Mental illness-epilepsy, schizophrenia
   g. Pregnancy

4. Proper attitude & motivation in taking the nursing course

5. Good communication skills.

Agencies for Clinical Experience

1. Mount Carmel Diocesan General Hospital-Base Hospital

2. Tayabas Community Hospital

3. Integrated Provincial Health Office:
   a. Quezon Medical Center
   b. Gumaca Distric t Hospital
   c. Magsaysay District Hospital

4. Community Exposure
   a. Lucena City (Co-Par)Brgy. Ibabang Talim
   b. Tayabas Municipal Health Office
   c. Pagbilao Municipal Health Office
   d. Sariaya Municipal Health Center

5. Manila Hospital Agencies
   a. National Center for Mental Health
   b. Philippine Orthopedic Center
   c. San Lazaro Hospital
   d. San Juan De Dios Hospital
   e. Correctional Institute for women
   f. Hospicio de San Jose
   g. Tagaytay Training and Rehabilitation Center
   h. Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

Outstanding Achievements

Evelyn Camacho (Class 89) 17th placer, 1989 Nurses’ Board Examination

Class 1989– 100% passing in the Nurses’ Board Examination

Maria Corina Marte (Class 91) National winner of the Knights of Rizal

Ann Janet C. Alvarez (Class 91) 9th Placer 1991 June Nursing Licensure Exam

Caezar G. Jara (Class 92) National winner of Knights of Rizal; awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP); 12th placer ,1992Nurses’ Board Examination

Benjamin Garcia (Class 92) nationalawardee as Outstanding student of Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Ma. Paulita Abuel (Class 92) 16th placer, 1992 Nurses’ Board Examination

Ma. Emmaline Carrasco (Class 92) 16th placer, 1992 Nurses’ Board Examination

Michelle Aquino (Class 94) 16th placer, 1994 Nurses’ Board Examination

Marjorie Barron (Class 94) 17th placer, 1994 Nurses’ Board Examination

Edgardo Almirañes (Class 94)19th placer, 1994 Nurses’ Board Examination

Evelyn Sanchez (Class 95)8th placer, 1995 Nurses’Board Examination

Isolde Veluz (Class 95)awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Students sponsored by Knights of Rizal

Peter Jalbuena(Class 97) 10th placer 1997 Nurses’ Board Examination

Laurence Loren (Class 99) 9th placer, 1999 Integrated Licensure Examination for Nurses

Class 2001– 100% passing in the Integrated Licensure Examination for Nurses

Maria Maida Trinidad (Class 01) 9th placer, 2001 Integrated Licensure Examination for Nurses

Jennifer Camata (Class 01) 15th placer, 2001 Integrated Licensure Examination for Nurses

Arlene Pasion (Class 01) 14th placer, 2001 Integrated Licensure Examination for Nurses

Paul Mark Mercado (Class 2008) awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Model Students of the Knights of Rizal

Marnela Kathleen Pasamba- 10th placer 2008 June Nursing Licensure Exam; finalist for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines

School Performance

1. Level II PAASCU Accredited by Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

2. Second Best Performing Nursing School in Region IV-A from 2001-2005.

3. One of the Colleges of Nursing in the Philippine recognized by Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to render review for the 2007 Nurses Board Exam


Board Passers
Cordian Board Passers
Nursing Licensure Examination Board Passers [May 25-26, 2014]

1. Abesamis, Ma. Erissa Rachelle Pondevida
2. Aguas, Zia MarieAlneDioyceOdnimer
3. Amacio, MicaelaGraciaVillaverde
4. Amparo, Charlene Lontoc
5. Aquino, Ana Clarisse Aguirre
6. Babista, Camille Paola Ilagan
7. Cabana, Jill Catherine Cepe
8. Calaycay, Darwin Philip Guerrero
9. Castro, Erika Ann Suarez
10. Co, Jan Marini Panopio
11. Dalida, Martin Elgin Balderamos
12. Del Moro, ZyraCharlaynePaderes
13. Deseo, RycheleneVerastigue
14. Dollesin, Shirlyn Villanueva
15. Escobiñas, Jill MaerelleObciana
16. Gañac, Maria Helena Mercado
17. Holguin, Genevieve Mendoza
18. Limbo, Clarice Unlayao
19. Maaño - Murillo, Maica Mae Marin
20. Nogales, John Raphael Aranilla
21. Nuguit, Katrina Escobar
22. Piñol, Niño Rodolfo Arellano
23. Ranuda, Precilla May De Castro
24. Riña, Ericka IanaEcomienda
25. Sante, Charisse Jane Leopando
26. Santua, Anna PatriciaLagran
27. Sarigumba, Lorenz Reoflorido
28. Sarmiento, Aileen Magnaye
29. Soares, Olinda Maria Militante
30. Suarez, GianAjelo Rosales
31. Tolete, Sandra Maldo
32. Umilin, Leah Claudine Venzuela
33. Vendiola, Alyssa Carla Ponce
34. Palma, Charmaine Louise J.
35. Mayuga, Medilyn B.

CPA Board Passers (October 2013)

Co, James Arvee P.
Forto, Queisabel E.
Itliong, Angelica Marie I.
Marcaida,Marlon R.
Ormasa, Mary Grace C.
Pacaigue, Patrick Paolo L.
Rocero, Faye Margaret P.
Uy, Jomari E.
Yap, Kevin Lorenz G.

LET Board Passers (2013)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)

ABANILLA, Maria Viena Luzel D.
ABISTADO, Clarizelle F.
BAYLONGO, Reina Mari Y.
BOTOR, Aileen E.
CAMILA, Mary Joy F.
EBREO, Inah Feliz F.
GANDIA, Rheymart J.
GOCE, Kristine Angelie M.
JABRICA, Brigitte Mae E.
MAESTRO, Marie Joy S.
MALLORCA, Roy Regelito P.
PEREZ, Crystal Anne O.
QUINDOZA, Jesse Leslie O.
SARITA, Sarah Bianca V.
SATIN, Carolina M.

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)
ARAO, Henzyl S.
BANTIGUE, Jeanette A.
BUHAT, Geneva Louise B.
CARABIDO, Moniccar R.
DALEON, Deanne Ross P.
DALISAY, Teodorico A.
DALTON, Mary Chelle C.
FIEGALAN, John Peter P.
JAMIN, Joanne Kathline R.
LABASAN, Angelica D.
MERCENE, Joebelle M.
RAPANOT, Mary Regine B.
RED, Mark Arvin B.
RODIL, Anna Corina O.
RUZ, Catherine R.
SALES, Catherine Joy L.
TERIG, Lhyanne Gizelle D.
VARGAS, Monique Portia C.
VILLASEÑOR, Khyel Patrick G.
ZETA, Donna Marie H.
ZUBIA, Kerlin May L.

Social Work Board Passers (2014)

Buñales, Justine Price Dañielle Gabales
Camay, Rodelio Rellieve
Capina, Racquel Bolado
Dones, Edelyn Villanueva
Geneblazo, Mia Cyrene Murillo
Nosquial, Christine Shiene Alegria
Taburnal, Roremy Lauronilla

Passers: 100%
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