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About Us
It has been said that life satisfaction in general, depends on or upon the extent to which the individual finds adequate outlets for his abilities, interests, personality traits and values.

In this regard, an essential function of the Guidance office is to help individuals find a place that will contribute to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well being so that they can be happy and contributing members of society.

Furthermore, various services have been designed to accommodate the developmental and adjustment needs of the students which are rooted in the understanding of the characteristics and needs of the students and of the environment that shapes them.

The Guidance and Counseling Program shares and supports the vision of Sacred Heart College: The formation of Vincentian- Cordian leaders and advocates of persons who are poor, conscious of his/her Christian commitment, productive and competitive members of his/her community. .

The Guidance and Counseling Program commits itself to:
  • Truly realize and uphold the dignity and worth of every Cordian as a child of God;

  • Provide a safe environment that promotes exploration and deeper appreciation of thoughts, feelings and behavior;

  • Provide opportunities according to their needs and interests to achieve self-actualization;

  • Encourage open communication and assistance between the counselor, staff, the administration, parents and the community.

Our Services

Testing Service
This allows the Guidance staff to provide the students with a better picture of their personality through standardized psychological tests. Furthermore, it also helps them discover their special abilities, skills, learning interests and aptitudes that will help them determine their progress and development during their stay at Sacred Heart College.

Orientation Services
This benefits particularly the new students in their effort to get acquainted with their new school environment and make their adjustment favorable in their college life, in enabling them to go about their academic training and personal formation with maximum confidence and minimum anxiety.

Individual Inventory Services
Each student is provided with his/her own record filed in the Guidance Office where essential information such as the studentís personal record, socio-economic profile and psychometric reports are gathered. The data give better insights into the studentís needs which provide opportunities for the counselor to help the individual effectively.

Recruitment and Evaluation Services
This is characterized by the setting of plans and formulation of policies on how the school would attract applicants for enrolment and what requirements and systematic procedures for admission must be followed.

Research and Evaluation Services
This seeks to collect relevant information to determine whether program goals are met in terms of outcomes as basis for modification of the delivery of services. The information gathered is used to make a sound basis for planning, implementing, managing and promoting existing and new programs/services.

This intends to aid the students in their educational and career development by knowing how much progress he/she has made and how much more is needed in the light of his/her potentialities. These services provide appropriate foundations for later career planning and decision making; unexplored possibilities of careers are opened up wherein their potentials can be fully developed through organized activities such as career symposia and job fairs. Moreover, linkages with former students (alumni and dropouts) are established in order to solicit their cooperation to improve the schoolís delivery of services and to know in what way else the school could be of help.

It is the HEART of the Guidance Program that establishes a helping relationship between the counselor and the student to bring about a meaningful awareness and understanding of the self and environment by assisting them in their problems/ difficulties. Furthermore, students called PEER FACILITATORS are trained and equipped with counseling skills and are made ready to extend helping hands and listening hearts to their fellow students and in assisting them to gain better self-under standing and improve interpersonal relationships.

Counseling Services include:
  • Academic Advising * Family Relationships

  • Career Planning * Peer Relationships

  • Educational Planning * Interpreting Assessment/Career Test Results

  • Personal Development

  • While counselors have been initially assigned to students by course, each student is free to see any counselor of his/her choice.

    Counseling service is also extended to SHC personnel.

This service provides an opportunity for closer coordination between the home and the school for the welfare of the students. The Guidance Office serves as a bridge to the gap between the studentís home and school life. Assistance is rendered and valuable information such as studies, surveys, evaluations, psychometric test results, researches undertaken and feedback are conveyed to the administrators and faculty in implementing and formulating school policies, curricular planning and revisions, and in improving students services in the light of research findings. Furthermore, parents and guardians are welcome for dialogue and consultation about the issues concerning their childrenís development in the school.


The HED Guidance office, being part of the support system plays a vital role in providing a support strategy for helping the children of Global Filipino Workers. Aside from developing purposeful activities and programs that can increase their awareness and understanding of migration issues, programs that enable the students from migrant families to cope with the realities of their special situation are provided to them. Moreover, this program aims to guide the children of migrants in handling their problems (educational, vocational, personal and social) and to help them in making more appropriate plans and life decisions.

Upcoming Activities


Graduating Students Attended the Career Seminar & Job Fair

By: Angela S. Tabalno

The HED Guidance Office conducted a Career Seminar & Job Fair last February 14, 2013 at the SHC Hermana Fausta Hall. This was attended by three hundred one (301) graduating students from different courses. The activity is composed of two parts: a Career Seminar in the morning and Job Fair in the afternoon. Mr. Virgilio T. Magsino, Head of the Department of Labor & Employment, Quezon Provincial Office served as the speaker in the Career Seminar. His talk included the following topics: Where and How to Scout for Possible Employment, Tips to a Successful Interview, Values and Attitudes Employers Expect from their Workers and Workerís Right and Obligations under the Labor Code. In the afternoon, representatives from different companies/institution conducted the initial screening/interview for job placement of graduating students. The companies/institution are the following: SM Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Banco De Oro, Quezon Capital Rural Bank, Golden Values School, Inc., DRANIX Distributors Inc. and Bob Garon & Vandevoort Consultancy Inc.

The Career Seminar and Job Fair is one of the activities under the Career Placement Service of the HED Guidance Program. It is designed to assist graduating students in their entry to the world of work and their eventual selection of a career.. Through this activity, graduating students are provided with the needed support in the continuous expansion of knowledge and awareness in the world of work, seeking employment and career opportunities that are compatible with their abilities and interests. Moreover, the school is able to establish a working relationship with business, industry and labor representatives that provide the best possible assistance for graduating students. This program also helps promote healthy attitudes toward work and a more realistic understanding of the world of work among graduating students.


Guidance Team

Ma. Lina Peregrin
Ma. Lina Peregrin

Aurelia Mirambil
Aurelia Mirambil

Angela S. Tabalno
Angela S. Tabalno

Mary Cleire Miguel
Mary Cleire Miguel