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Community Service Agency of

Active partnership with Students, Faculty and Support Staff towards transformative process of Community Development

At Hermana Fausta Development Center we commit ourselves to:
  • Synergistically coordinate and facilitate working and sustaining relationship in the community

  • Audaciously implement community-based driven projects for older people and strengthen support from families and local government

  • Consciously facilitate learning activities towards liberative and transformative programs services through relevant trainings and transfer of technology

To creatively strengthen Basic Ecclesial Communities in the adopted barangay’s through liberative and transformative programs services


 Sponsor –A- Grandparent Program

A program for older people supported by HELPAGE INTERNATIONAL London. Various services are organized by Hermana Fausta Development Center to respond to the needs and problems of the “grannies”. These includes:
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Material and Food assistance
  • Structures and Recreational activities
  • Livelihood and Savings Mobilization

 Kusina Ni Hemana
  • A direct feeding activity for street children every Friday

  • An avenue for community service involvement of the Sacred Heart College Faculty, Support Staff and Alumni by giving their resources to the needy and less fortunate neighbors

 Exposure Immersion
  • Sacred Heart College students are engage in weekend stay in a depressed community where actual dialogue with the poor takes place with them and getting to know their needs and aspirations

 Alternative Learning System – Accreditation and Equivalency
  • A non formal approach to learning which provide the learner an alternative way to improve their basic education skills

 Community Development Program
  • Aim to organize a target barangay of the formation of the Basic Ecclesial Community. Community organization is the core strategy in forming BEC”s

 Disaster Management
  • A program that promote mechanism of support and alert and information dissemination in the area of disaster preparedness and response

 Support Service for Walk-in Client
  • A client who seek assistance from the center is assessed on their real need by the Social Worker

For your donation/assistance of our program, you can reach us or you can call us at (042) 710-6826


Adopted Community : SITIO VALENTIN, Brgy. Ibabang Iyam Lucena City


It was said that the former Mayor Genorio Abadilla was the legitimate owner of the land in Valentin in 1956. The name “ valentin” was taken from the caretaker’s name, Remo Valentin, who was a trusted person of the former Mayor.

At that time, the place was just a piece of land which was surrounded by water at both sides. It also looked like a forest and no houses can be seen in the place. Some people called the place as “Lalao” or sasahan ; others named it Ahon or Rallos, and or “banlik” . According to them the land part was only small and people would add soil to that place until the land part became bigger and wider in size.

As caretaker of the land, the Remo’s family got the chance to put up their own house in 1977. In 1992, other families who came to the place , constructed their own dwelling.

Through the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), the place became registered as an urban territory in a document dated April 28, 1995. Through the effort of the residents of Sitio Valentin and Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. the place continue to develop and has been declared now as an urban place.

Communal Comfort Rooms in Sitio Valentin


This is one of the identified needs of the community people in Sitio Valentin back in 2007. Of the 38 households, only two (2) were capable of building their own comfort room. Through the organizing effort of Hermana Fausta Development Center (HFDC) , through bayanihan & cooperation given by the residents of Sitio Valentin, and the generosity of kindhearted donors, the communal comfort rooms were realized.

They only asked for one but they were given two communal comfort rooms. Before, they just make themselves comfortable of the wrap and throw style but now they are more comfortable in responding to nature’s call in a sanitary and clean way.

Currently there are 35 families that benefits from the newly constructed comfort rooms. The facility does not only serve its purpose to the residents but to the Sacred Heart Families (Administrator, Faculty, Staff and students) as well and whoever else come to the place to visit, to do their immersion or just plain dropping by.

This has become a reality because of the support of the following :

• Hermana Fausta Development Center
• Sacred Heart College
• Grade 10 Students from Endurance, Reverence and Stewardship of the Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED)
• Vice-mayor Roderick Alcala through the effort of the Former Councilor Melchor Jovellano

BED Students X-REVERENCE and Community People helping through the “bayanihan “way

Beyond just Meetings (Leaders Meeting)
Quarterly Schedule
Tapping of Resource Person to get the best ideas

• Niña Postrado from the HED, Guidance
• Ednalyn R. Escobiñas

Review on How to Prepare A Meeting and How to Enhance their Facilitating Skills


Purchased of Ceiling Fan

Out of the Salted Egg business of the group, the KAPANALIG (Group) was able to purchase one (1) ceiling fan as donation to their chapel (toklong) In this photo, Edith Marlinga is happily testing the switch if it is truly functional. Currently, the community people are very comfortable attending Mass every Sunday morning.
New Paint
The KAPANALIG group found a solution on how to beautify their “Toklong”. One idea that came out is making “Atsara "and selling it at a minimal cost. Through selling, they were able to paint the chapel. Painting was done last July 2012.

The group of KAPANALIG attends Barangay Council Meeting when necessary. The leaders are given opportunity to express their needs and concerns. This is also the time when leaders are able to confidently talk in front of the council. Their leadership ability, communication and decision making skills are challenged and enhanced.

Through attendance in the council, their community concerns are being addressed and given priority. Irene Caalaman and Editha Marlinga attended the meeting to get support from the council regarding the plan to put up a gate for the improvement of the Toklong/Chapel.

Health/ Dental Mission

Dr. Marianne Cristinne Doufort Ayala, has been a regular sponsor of the DENTAL MISSION to the indigent beneficiaries from Talim, Dalahican and Sitio valentin. This initiative is done annually for 5 consecutive years already. Thank you Dr Marianne for always sharing your time & treasure to the poor.

Thank you also to our dear donors who made this MISSION possible. Councilor Joseph Veloso ( in striped t-shirt) is one of the representatives of the Brgy. Council (brgy Iyam) who donated materials for the Dental Mission.