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  1839        Birth of her mother Nemesia  Zarzadias
  1854   May   30    2nd marriage of maternal grandfather to Marcelina Jasmin
  1858   Dec. 19   Born in Sitio Iyam, Tayabas, Mother's age - 19
    Dec. 22   3 days Baptized in St. Archangel Church, Tayabas, Tayabas
  1859     1 year  
  1860     2 years  
  1866   Dec. 2   8 years Nemesia   Zarzadias her mother died at age 27
  1867     9 years Father's 2nd marriage to Maria Foblete
  1869     11 years Might have started schooling
  1870     12 years Birth of half-sister Fe
  1875     17 years Birth of half-sister Felisa
  1879     21 years Studies in Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Manila w/ D.C.
  1880 April 13   22 years From Sta. Rosa, Mla. to Tia Candida's House in Lucena
  1881     23 years Started helping Fr. Cranja, Parish Priest of Lucena
  1882   May 14   24 years In Lucena-confirmation of Justino Labrador
      May 17        Epitacio Merchan  died
    May 18     Epitacio   Merchan buried 3 years-parents  D. Gregorio Merchan-Esp Dna. Carlosa Lucena of Tayabas
  1883   Aug. 4   25 years Birth of twins half-brod , sister: Domingo and Perpetua
    Aug. 10   Died 6 days old
  1884 Ap. 23 PM   Offer made by Don Gregorio Merchan of his house consulted with Fr. Granja  about the offer. Fr. Crispels her doubts and convinced her to accept the offer (N.B.- he was behind it; the moving factor) giving her all the details and the promise to arrange the matter with Tia Candida.
     Apr. 27   Don Gregorio left for Spain. Transfer to house of Don Gregorio w/ half sisters Fe -  14 yrs. and Felisa - 9 years. The two orphans were already there with the old Juan.
  Apr 27 PM   Fr. Granja visited them in the new house. Counsel them to live in the harmony. He gave Fausta "guidelines" regarding the house. Call all members of the new household, admonish them to live in the harmony. He imparted his paternal blessing with these words: "May the peace reign in this house."
  Apr28 AM   They all went to Church except the old Juan
  Apr 28 25 & 4 mo. From this day on Rule of Life: Hermana  to get up at 3 AM everyday; her companions at 4 AM to pray together the Rosary and Trisagio. Afterwards companions remain to tidy the house. Hermana goes immediately  to the church. Her companions follow her when the church bells ring for mass. Together they leave the church for breakfast. After which each to its respective chores while Hermana and Flaviana remain in the house. A) engage in sewing baptismal robes and burial clothes, make scapulars and artificial flowers to generate income to meet their daily needs. B) answer the call of the sick and help those in their last agony.
      May   May devotion in the church urging people to participate especially the young. Floral offering to the Blessed Virgin.
  1885   June   26 years Introduction of the Apostleship of Prayer all the town  people were members. Gobernadorcillo Don Demetrio Trinidad issued an ordinance to gather the old people of both sexes living near the shores who have not gone to Confession for a long time sorting them, the men to the courthouse (tribunal), the women in the house of Hermana Fausta to be instructed daily to receive the Sacrament of Confession and Communion.
  1885     27 years " He started and continued every year the following devotion: on Quinquagesima Sunday (Domingo de Carnaval) to Ash Wenesday we gather in recollection in preparation of the outrages inflicted to the Heart of Jesus during these three days.
2nd part of 1885     Gather the "dalagas" (young woman) for Cathechism lesson by order of Fr. Granja. They lived in this house. Fr. Granja provided for their upkeeping, food and clothing. To help him, I go from house to house begging.


Daily  Work  of Hermana Fausta  :

    Teach in a loud voice:

"Every night Hermana Tomasa, Cesarea and Escolastica come to this house followed  by Fr. Granja who explains what we have taught our charges during the day. Many, although already well prepared, do not like to leave and they remain in this house."

1886   May 18   31 years Death of Fr. Granja on board "Bacolor" bound for Manila (Age 49)
1896 Sept. 28     38 years    Half-sister Fe died 4 days after the death of baby son Luis Lagos (+24 Sept)
1901 Sept. 26       43 years   Half-Brother Justino at 21 married Hermogena Lavares, age 16
1925     67   years Met with Fr. Zacarias Subi˝as, CM became her confessor and spiritual director "ad casum"
1936   June 25   79 years Requested her friend Dna. Margarita Rodriguez of Sariaya to act as emissary to bishop Verzosa of Lipa to uniform His  Excellency of her wish to donate her school to the D.C. Answer of Bishop, "Junta (Board of Trustees) should have an agreement."
  Days Late   Letter of Bishop Verzosa  allowing to take over the school. Letter of Bishop delivered personally by D˝a. Margarita Rodriguez to Sr. Carmen Reta, Visitadora in Concordia with permission for DC to come.

Coming of three DCs  to Lucena: Srs. Carmen Francisco, Estrella Tirol, Concepcion Humanes.

  1939 Aug. 14 80   years Deed of Donation to DC between Hermana Fausta and Sr. Carmen Reta attested by Notary Public, Atty. Alfredo Bonus.
  1941 Dec. 8   83 years Japanese-American War; Sisters, students and priests evacuated to Isabang in 2 houses of Sally Marquez, now Mrs. Arquiza. Son Constancia and Sor Humanes told Sally, "What shall we do, where shall we go?' Sally offered her houses.


Hermana and old companions remained and kept the house.

  1942    Sept. 13 84 years Death early Sunday morning
Sept. 14
  Burial at 5:00 P.M. Monday at Lucena Catholic Cemetery


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