Library Policies / Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Library Card Application
All bonafide students of SHC are requested to secure library card for borrowing privileges.
Old Students – present the admission form and receipt of payment to redeem your library card.
New Students – bring one (1) ID picture, registration and receipt of payment.

Students, faculty and administrative staff are requested to abide properly on the use of their library card.

» E-Journal access
» Photocopying services.
» Outside researchers are most welcome on Fridays and Saturdays upon payment of P50.00 (researchers’ fee) and presentation of current school ID and wearing their respective school uniform.
» Outside researchers should present referral letter from their librarian.
» Alumni can be accommodated upon presentation of their Alumni ID.
» Referral letter will mean paying of five pesos (P5.00) per individual request.

Borrowing Privileges
Students are allowed to borrow any materials and cautioned to handle it with care and respect. Observance of proper loaning procedures must be followed depending on the kind of materials.

Fines & Penalties
» Secure an affidavit of lost in case of lost library card.
» Lost books must be reported immediately so that the changeable fine will not accumulate.
Kinds of Materials Loaned Period Fines
Fiction 3 days to 1 week Php 5.00/day
Circulation Books 2 days Php 5.00/day
Reservation Books 1 period use only Php 5.00/hour

Library Requirement
Borrower’s Card: The library borrower’s card is issued to all bonafide students of Sacred Heart College. It is used for loaning out library materials.

» Present your library card to the Circulation Section.
» Fill up the Book Card found at the back cover of the book.
» Present the Book Card to the Counter-In-Charge.
» Wait for your receipt. Be sure to keep the receipt with you for checking.
» Present the receipt to the person-in-charge in the exit area.

» Present your library card to the counter section.
» Fill up the Book Card found at the back cover of the book.
» After using the book, return it to the Counter Section.
» Wait for the release of your library card.
» Only 15-30 minutes is allowed for photocopying.
» Fill-up the form.
» Present the borrowed book to the person-in-charge of the exit area.

On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC)/ WEB OPAC
To help the clientele in their researches, the installation of the On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is facilitated by the staff. All entries and data in the card catalog were encoded and converted for easy access. Completion of this facility was made possible with the help of our Institutional IT in-charge, the program aims to help library patrons hasten information search thus reducing time in locating the resource materials they need. The program also facilitates inventory and accessibility of resources.

How to Borrow Materials Using WebOPAC
» Go to WebOpac System and key-in the book title.
» Copy the book information; locate from the shelves according to its classification.
» If the book is not available inquire from the person at the charging desk if the book is on loan.
» If you found the book, present it with your borrower’s card at the charging desk and wait for your receipt.

How to Return Materials
» Return the books on or before the date due
» If the book is overdue, pay your fines at the counter section.
» Get your borrower’s card.

Overnight Loans of Books
» Books for overnight use may be borrowed before closing time and be returned the next day at exactly 7:00 am.
» Students are entitled to borrow three books of different subjects for overnight use.
» Books which are in limited copies are not for overnight use.

Classification is the grouping of objects or things with similar characteristics. A library containing thousands of books and other non-book materials must have a specific system of arrangement in order to locate materials on specific subjects, the most useful arrangement to keep books on the same subjects matter. Books are arranged on the shelves according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.

000 – General Works
100 – Philosophy and Psychology
200 – Religion
300 – Social Science
400 – Language
500 – Pure Science
600 – Applied Science
700 – Arts
800 – Literature
900 – History

» HED Midterm Examination
» Senior Highschool Pre-Final Examination

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