SHC closes its 125th Founding Anniversary celebration

Article/News by: The Heart Publication and The Heartbeat Publication
Date Posted: July 17, 2009

August 14-16 marked the end of the year-long celebration of Sacred Heart College’s 125th Founding Anniversary. All the students, school personnel, alumni and other visitors enjoyed the three days of fun-filled festivities also known as the College Days celebration.



The BED ground and the hallway near the canteen and the clinic became the venue for different booths opened during the College Days celebration. Students, personnel, alumni and others set up booths to cater food and drinks, clothes, toys, books, and a lot of other things.

There were booths that also offered services like face painting and song request. Students also enjoyed the kissing booth and jail booth. A movie booth at the St. Elizabeth Building and CBiewing Room 2 showcasing some of the latest films was also a highlight. And another interesting booth was the Tacsiyapo which is a wall containing words like friends, ex-girlfriend or parents, where plastics full of water can be thrown to it to release one’s anger or just to have fun. (Gemna Martinez and Monina Castillo)


Freshman cordians flocked to the first-ever Sci-Math Lympics sponsored by the HED Science and Math Areas. The event, aiming to establish a more stimulating twist to the students’ learning experience, has certainly caught the attention that they’ve been yearning for. It has showcased the often unseen delight of learning, of course all because of the convergence between the Science and Math faculty headed by Dr. Joy Talens.

The competition was composed of four different sub-contests, namely, the Yell Competition, Picture Perfect, Intellectual Quiz Show and the Amazing Race.

As the competition reached its close, each of the group’s scores in the individual sub-categories were added and finally ranked. The 7th group, BSA 1B, took home 3rd place; BSED, the 10th group, succeeded at 2nd place; and the 5th group, BSED-ABCOM, crushed the competition when they won the entire contest proper as the final scores were tallied. (Carmela Joyce Carrasco)


The life and lessons of SHC’s founder, Hermana Fausta Labrador, were shared to other students as SHC opened its gates to public and private schools for the film showing of “Fausta”. From August 12, other schools’ students from the elementary and secondary levels had been coming in and out of SHC’s Audio Visual Room to watch the movie produced by the school as part of the 125th Founding Anniversary celebration. The students, along with their teachers and a few administrators, learned so much about “The Good Woman of Lucena” who is no other than “Fausta”. (Abigail Marinay)

Higher Education Department

Though pressured for defending their title as last year’s champion, the College of Nursing still reigned supreme in the Talent Exposition held at the campus gymnasium. Following at second place is the College of Education while the College of Business Administration landed on third place.

The competition is an annual event in the school wherein students from different colleges showcase their talents in singing, dancing, acting and playing instruments. This is an opportunity for students to express as this is an event for “creative presentation of Cordian talents,” stated Dr. Juanito Merle, vice president for Student Services and External Affairs, in his inspirational message before the contest proper begun.

With this year’s theme “SHC empowering communities… building futures”, each must perform within 10 to 15 minutes. The group must be composed of 15 to 25 members and use Filipino as medium.

Abegail Sarmiento and Jaypee Hoven, both from the College of Education, outshine other actors as they won best actress and best actor, respectively. (Luvia Ann Balmeo)

Basic Education Department

With the same theme and mechanics, students of the Basic Education Department also battled for the championship title of this year’s Talent Exposition at the SHC gymnasium.

Like David defeating Goliath, the Freshmen won over the other high school levels as they took home the title as the Champion of the BED Talent Expo. The Senior students came first runner up, while the Juniors and Sophomores garnered the second and third runner up, respectively, in this activity where they exhibited their diverse talents.

Special Awards were also given to those who excelled in their performance and outstanding skill in writing and directing:

Best Script – Ysabel Ramos (Grade 10)

Best Director – Janine Arenas (Grade 10)

Best Actress – Mary Winrose Mabilin (Grade 9)

Best Actor – Bryan Joseph Sochayseng (Grade 8)

(Janine Arenas and Yssa Ramos)


The Committee on Sports, together with the PEHM Department, organized once again a sporting event for the HED students, the Cordian Olympics. With the Committee Chairperson Mr. Victor Samaniego, the student-athletes geared up for another year of basketball and other games. Student-athletes from different year levels, regardless of the college where they came from, will battle for the most coveted championship of the Cordian Olympics.

A very exciting opening game set the court on fire as the Freshmen beat up the Seniors in basketball, 52-36.

As this Cordian Olympics is a year-long activity, everybody should watch out for the weekly games at the SHC gymnasium and covered court. Game results will be posted by the Cordian Olympics organizers. (Alyzzah Cantollas and Jessica Alvarez)


A three-session lecture covered the whole day with SHC Alumna Dr. Cecilia Ladines-Llave, MD, PhD, professor and chairman of the Cancer Institute UP-PGH, Chief of the Gynecologic Oncology section of the UP-PGH Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the CECAP-Philippines. She shared a Powerpoint presentation about this disease exclusive to women, the Cervical Cancer.

She discussed the risks of having cervical cancer, how this disease can be transferred easily, the available treatments and the preventive acts that women can carry out. She also introduced an organization called Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) Network Program that helps the country eliminate cervical cancer among Filipino women. CECAP is committed to empower Filipino women against cervical cancer by increasing awareness about the disease and providing access to treatments. (Geneva Roxas)


The Commission on Election (COMELEC) put up a satellite voter’s registration booth at the Grade 1-Gentleness classroom to facilitate easy registration of SHC personnel, parents and students who are already qualified voters in the upcoming May 2010 election.

COMELEC encourages more voters to register by going to different places, including barangays and malls, as it also hopes for the success of the election next year. (Leandro De Luna)


Colorful costumes and well choreographed steps to the tune of diverse music were exhibited by the students from the elementary levels of the BED as they compete for the annual Field Demonstration. With the theme “A Glimpse of the World”, all the energetic students and their equally active teachers presented to their awed audience, most especially their proud parents and relatives, the different countries assigned to them.

By end of the Field Demo, all the grade levels were declared winners:

Category A: Champion – Grade 3

1st runner up – Grade 2

2nd runner up – Grade 1

Category B: Champion – Grade 6

1st runner up – Grade 5

2nd runner up – Grade 4

All the preparations for this big day – the practices, costumes and props – and despite the scorching heat of the sun and the non-stop perspiration, BED’s Field Demo was a remarkable success. (Armund Arguelles)


With the growing number of graduate students now in SHC, a Graduate School Students’ General Assembly was held at the Audio Visual Room to review the history, vision, mission and core values of SHC. The thrusts of and services offered by SHC were also presented to the graduate students.

The Research Director of SHC, Dr. Joy P. Talens, answered queries after her short lecture on strengthening the research culture in the Graduate School. After that, the Graduate School students also had a discussion on their objectives, policies and future directions which was facilitated by Dr. Josefina M. Parentela, the vice president for Academics, Research, Christian and Vincentian Formation, and dean of the Graduate School.

This whole day affair ended with the report of Mrs. Corazon Vejerano, outgoing president of the Graduate School Student Council, and election of new officers. (Sarah Bianca Sarita and Inah Feliz ebreo)


It was a great honor for Sacred Heart College to hold a holy mass with His Eminence Angel N. Lagdameo as the main celebrant.

The Archbishop of Iloilo and incumbent President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines is also an alumnus of SHC which made this Eucharistic celebration on August 15 even more significant. He reiterated in his homily the values being taught in SHC that its founder Hermana Fausta Labrador had initiated.

During the Eucharistic celebration, SHC also showed its gratitude for its 125 years of existence, and as such, SHC’s gifts to the community were offered by the programs, projects or activities’ proponents.

After the well attended holy mass, a short program immediately followed. This is to launch the DVD copy of the film “Fausta”, the SHC Commemorative Medal, and the Search for SHC Outstanding Teacher. The limited copies of the “Fausta” DVD and SHC Commemorative Medal are now on sale at the SHC President’s Office, while the Search for SHC Outstanding Teacher is now ongoing. (Nola Ramos and Shereen Avillo)


With “SHC @ 125… A Musical Show: Pasasalamat sa 125 Years,” Cordians were one as they witnessed the profound talents of those who participated in the thanksgiving celebration.

This jaw-dropping show, hosted by the BED teacher Mrs. Chloe Maaño and BED student Joshua Surquia, was broadcast live at the SHC website ( Seen among the audience were Ms. Perla Bautista and Mr. Tommy Abuel who performed the role of Hermana Fausta and Fernando Amorsolo, respectively, in the movie “Fausta”.

Performers during the musical show were the BED choir led by Mr. Lamberto Galleno, SHC Music Ministry with selected HED students headed by Mr. Joel Boragay, HED faculty members with their club president Mr. Ronald Uriarte, young BED faculty members, “High School Musical” performers from the BED with Mr. Edward Mancilla, Marillac Grantees, school administrators, the Daughters of Charity sisters, and SHC President Sr. Fe G. Gedalanga, D.C. playing the violin. A tenor from the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Mr. Frankie Aseñero, who is the husband of SHC alumna Ms. Nanette Nacorda, graced the night and rendered songs well applauded by the audience.

It was an unforgettable musical night for the SHC family and friends, and this was made possible by the program chairperson Engr. Elda Aranilla. (Dianne Belleza and Reggie de Guzman)


It is not only the 125th Founding Anniversary of SHC that the school celebrated; the month of August is also the “Buwan ng Wika.” With that, the Basic Education Department observed the “Buwan ng Wika” by having activities aligned to it such as the Talumpatian and the Balagtasan.

Student representatives of each high school level showed off their skill in delivering a Filipino speech, but like any other contests, only few will emerge as winners. They are the following:

Grade 8 Victor Fuentes – 1st place
Grade 9 Daniel Calzado – 2nd place
Grade 7 Jaya Angelu Ramos – 3rd place
Grade 7 Brandon Leif Bebonia – 4th place

1st place: Grade 7 (Rei Luis Airon Domingo, Rei Luis Anton Domingo, and Zae Xilca May Peñaflor)
2nd place: Grade 8 (Daryl Obciana, Kervin Jopson, and Clifford Gasis)
3rd place: Grade 9 (Jasen Parentela, Lea Bardomeo, and Mari Yamazaki)

Special numbers were also presented at the Hermana Fausta Hall to show how rich the Filipino culture and tradition is, like the songs and dances executed by the very cute Kindergarten students. (Jamaica Zoleta and Jayvee delos Reyes)

Different colleges showed their technical abilities and artistry in cheer dancing. All of them had their own way of surprising the crowd. Rendition of Michael Jackson steps, towering pyramids and popular songs like “Nobody” and “Jaiho” were seen throughout the presentations.
All of them were great, but in the end there would only be one winner. The College of Business Administration stood out for both prime movers and cheer dance competition. They did a modern version of “tinikling” and executed quick and flawless routines, not to mention their perfect high pyramids. No wonder they were given the title as “Champions.”

Other results are as follows:

Prime Movers: 2nd runner up - College of Computer Science
3rd runner up - College of Accountancy

Cheer Dance Competition: 2nd runner up - College of Computer Science
3rd runner up - College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Nursing participated in this activity with an intermission from its Nursing Prime Movers. (Jimbelle Uy)


The final activity was the Grand Float Parade, displaying vividly the theme, history, vision-mission and thrusts of Sacred Heart College. There were six floats included in the parade each with the following assigned theme and group:

Float #1 The History of Sacred Heart College for the Higher BED students, Learning Resource Center and Instructional Media Center staff, the Center for Christian and Vincentian Formation personnel and HBED Parent-Teacher Council;

Float #2 The Eradication of Extreme Hunger and Poverty for the College of Education and Social Work along with their faculty members, Health and Food Services, Human Resource Department and Graduate School;

Float #3 Environmental Sustainability for the College of Business Administration and College of Accountancy, Finance Office, HED Parent-Faculty Council and Research Office;

Float #4 Access to Primary Education for the Lower BED students, Hermana Fausta Development Center, Community Extension Services and Registrar Office staff;

Float #5 Ministry to Families of Migrants and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS for the College of Nursing, Guidance Office personnel, staff from the Student Affairs Office, Laboratories and Accreditation Office;

Float #6 Empowering Communities, Building Futures for the College of Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences, Alumni and Alumni Office staff, Information Technology Center personnel and Marillac Grantees Office staff.

The afternoon rain did not hinder the Grand Float Parade as it started around 3 in the afternoon, marching past the long stretch of Quezon Avenue and Merchan Street. The parade was made more memorable by the colorful costumes of the students, the upbeat music from the BED Lyre Band, and some street dancing by the HED students. (Ma. Alyssa Cristine Orejodos and Leonard Artista)

*Photos of the HED activities were taken by Kate Narcise, Lubert Roxas, Stan Jalbuena, Kelvin Herrera, and Alessa Datingaling.

*The BED activities were covered by KC Caraos, Nicole Villaver, Jannag Tierra, and Hannah Cadiz.

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