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132nd College Days Celebration

Article/News by: Mr. Sherwin C. De La Cruz
Date Posted: August 11, 2016

132 years is a long time and Sacred Heart College is privileged to be among those educational institutions present at the turn of the century. From its founding, the school has set out to be an exponent of Christian formation and education guided by its Vincentian virtues of charity, humility and simplicity.

As Sacred Heart College celebrates the 132nd founding anniversary of the oldest Catholic institution in the province of Quezon, Cordians also mark the importance of the month of August, the Buwan ng Wika. This is not only a dual celebration, it is a joint celebration. The events highlight the Cordian culture of not only drawing strength from unity, but at a deeper level, love for one another.

The institution has time and again distinguished itself in its role of providing a high quality Christian education. It has earned the confidence of parents and students. It is not only an educational institution focused on the pursuit of wisdom and nurturing good moral values but also provides fun and exciting activities for all.

The school is opening its heart and its doors to the community through Eucharistic celebrations, club booths display, field demonstration, and Palaro ng Lahi. The upcoming Tagisan ng Talento, Awit-Lapat sa Banyagang Musika singing contest, Umindak Pinoy Style, “We Love OPM” and Band Exhibition will show the passion of Cordians for the performing arts. Fun never ends with the activities of Graduate school students and general assembly of Cordian alumni. The celebration culminates with the thanksgiving mass and Family Day through the Holistic Accompaniment for parents in Announcing the Gospel (HAPAG), wherein Cordians all, with one heart will feast in a boodle fight together with the homeroom representatives and their family member. The College Days celebration will close with a variety show.

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