BSA 3 visits manufacturing industries in Laguna

Article/News by: Carren Marie R. Nacorda
Date Posted: February 10, 2017

The BSA 3 students, enrolled in Production and Operations Management subject, visited 3 manufacturing plants in Laguna last January 27, 2017. With the primary objective of understanding how the firms produced their products the students also aim to connect the process in their accounting subjects.

Accompanied by their professors Sir Sherwin Diala and Mam Marilyn Iglesias, the BSA 3 first visited Lucky Me Noodle Factory. They witnessed how noodles are made from mixing the ingredients, cooking the noodles, and down to its packaging. Students were amazed in knowing that 720 noodles are made in a minute with its 12 production lines totaling to 8-10 million noodles produced in a day. Also included in the plant tour was a tutorial on how to make homemade noodles.

Next stop was in Zenith Foods Corporation. This is the central commissary of Jollibee Foods Corporation. A video on Jollibee's progress all throughout the years and its daily operations was first presented before the actual plant tour. The students observed from the view deck the different facilities and equipment used in producing their frozen patties, buns, pies, sauces, and hotdogs. Last destination in the itinerary was Gardenia. The students had a chance to watch the whole production process of Gardenia's classic white bread. It produces 6000 loaves an hour with a minimum production requirement of 850 000 loaves a day.

As the saying goes, learning is not only confined in the four corners of a classroom. The objective of the tour was to expose the students in the actual operations of manufacturing companies which can possibly be part of their work environment in the future. The BSA 3 students were very thankful to the Sacred Heart College (SHC) administration for allowing them to participate in the aforementioned event. Specifically, they were indebted to Sr. Josephine R. Quiachon, D.C., SHC President; Dean Arnel L. Cadeliña, BSA Dean; Mrs. Ana Libabel U, Ferreras, Director of the HED Student Activities & Development and Dr. Luzviminda G. Calzado, Vice-President for Academics.

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