JFINEX Joins Financial Literacy Caravan 2017

Article/News by: Angelina Agayon, Kent Dexter Bonsol, Prudenz Yleizer Lorredo and Mark Rosales
Date Posted: Nov. 16, 2017

Forty-One business students who are members of the Junior Financial and Investment Executives (JFINEX) accepted the invitation of University of Batangas-Main Campus, Batangas City counterpart by joining the “Finance Literacy Caravan: Laying Foundation through Financial Wellness” last October 21, 2017. Sixteenth colleges and universities from all parts of Southern Luzon joined the event.

The first speaker is Ms. Rina Joyce Rodriguez, Former Ex-Officio International at Junior Confederation of Finance Associations- Philippines. Ms. Rina Joyce Rodriguez as a first keynote speaker, she tackled and explained the Leadership in You. Inclusive of the discussion are the four (4) factors of being a leader in you, your image, your mission, your values, and you vision. She said “hard work is talent.”

She also discussed some of John C. Maxwell irrefutable laws of leadership and highlighted only nine of it. She explained that the laws can be learned, can stand alone, can carry consequences with them and can be the foundation of leadership. (1) The Law of the Lid- leadership ability is the lid that will determines a person’s level of effectiveness. She explains this as; your leadership ability will determine the impact that you have on an organization. She said, “The lower your ability to lead, the lower the lid on your potential.” (2) The law of Influence- the power to influence lies in the ability to get people to participate. She added that management is part of being a leader; just because you can manage something well does not mean you can lead. Leadership is influence- nothing more, nothing less. (3) The Law of Process- shows that what matters most is what you do over the long haul. She said that it requires a lifetime of perseverance and dedication to become a good leader. If you want to see how someone becomes a champion, you look at their daily routine. (4) The Law of Magnetism- who you are is who you will attract. She means that you and the people who follow you share common ground in several key areas: attitude, generation, background, values, life experience, and leadership ability. (5) The Law of Empowerment- only secure leaders give power to others. And if a leader is able to give power away, the organization will become more powerful, Ms. Rodriguez said. (6) The Law of Victory- leaders find a way for the team to win. And she told us also the three components to achieve victory and that is as follows; unity of vision, diversity of skills, and leader that is dedicated to victory and raising players to their potential. (7) The Law of Sacrifice- you have to give up, to go up. She briefly explains that the true nature of leadership is sacrifice and when you become a leader, you lose the right to think about yourself. (8) The Law of Explosive Growth- the ability to develop the right leaders. She said that it can be seen if leaders can develop leaders and if leaders can develop followers at the same time. (9) The Law of Legacy- a team of good leaders is needed in order to succeed and you must know when to walk away. Develop your successor, Ms. Rodriguez said. And a leaders lasting value is measured by succession. As a conclusion of her talk, she said,” Believe in your dreams and the only thing that stands between dreams and reality is your own hands to make it happen. Don’t stop until you’re proud and if you want it get it!”

The second speaker is Mr. Joseph Brian Noynay - a finance mentor, Investment Broker and an entrepreneur can help. With his topic “CORPORATE IS LIFE” according to him, that “once you work, that will be your life”. He also stated that “Execution is next to education”. He reflected his topic on his own personal experience. With the learning’s that is given to our school, we can use it as a key for our success determining on what we can do to our career in the near future. Having a career job can be a good source of money. With this method, all people can make decisions whether they will stick on this just or do anything else to provide income for them. Mr. Noynay cited some of the possible points where we can find extra money for our daily needs. Sidelines, own business and investments are of the ways on how to improve our income. With the proper knowledge and good skills and understanding, we can use this as our source of money. He stated also his career path for him to share what he has now and what can we have if we do the same. He opened up the minds of every listener to enjoy the life in corporate world. And, Mr. Noynay leaved us this quote: “Every morning you have two choices: continues to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

Ms. Erika Mae Capua – an electronics engineer, financial literacy advocate, and an online entrepreneur shared also her knowledge and experience about the topic. According to her, “don’t base only on your salary if you can earn more in many different ways”. Ms. Capua quoted “Time is greater than money”: having money is good but use your time to earn more. “Money is just a tool”. If you want to be successful, you need to be more aggressive in finding possibilities on how to earn more money. With this matter, you can never know that every single step you are taking is the biggest step towards to your better future. “Don’t compete to others, compete to yourself”. That’s the greatest quote that was given on that day. Why we need to go to abroad, if there’s money here in the country? Ms. Capua strongly said that if you manage your time, working to your job and investing can achieve the salary from the people working abroad. There are more opportunities here in the country. “It’s better to know your limits for you to improve your skills and knowledge regarding on this field.” Be contented. We can be all successful, just help each other and lift it up to the Lord. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and the future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The third speaker is Mr. Rienzie Biolena asked. A lot would say “I wanna be rich”, “I want to have my own car”, “I want to own a luxurious house”, etc. You can repeatedly say those statements every minute, every hour, and every day but if you do not have plans and you do not know how to budget your income then all your dreams will stay dreams and will never work. He said “in income planning and budgeting, it is best to conceptualize and know the context of why you are planning your income and why you are budgeting.” The fulfillment of your dream starts by knowing the main reason why you want it and how will you get it. He said “begin with the end in mind”. Knowing the “end” will give you direction in life. Before you start your journey, it is vital to know where your destination is.He said make your goals SMART; S stands for specific; M stands for measurable; A stands for attainable; R stands for relevant; and T stands for timely. “A goal without plan is just a wish”. Wishing will not get you anywhere. You should take your hope and put it into action. List, classify, and set your goals he said. Is it short-term, medium-term or long-term? Determining your goals will largely determine what kind of investment you need. If it is long-term then you can invest it on the stock market. If it is medium-term, you can put it on funds, like time deposit and money market funds. He emphasized the benefit of the “Goal+Timeline+Price Tag”. “Each one of those goals have a corresponding investment today” he said. You have your goals and you have certain plans on how and when to fulfill your goals. Next thing you need to know is the “Hierarchy of Financial Security”. First is the emergency fund and insurance. When something happened unexpectedly and you do not have money in your hands, emergency fund and insurance will be of so much help. Next are the bonds and mutual funds. Next is the stock. And lastly, business. “Income planning and budgeting is just prioritization”. He also gave information on cash flow. It has three sections: income, needs/expenses, wants. Even as a student, you can make your own cash flow statement. Even individuals and families have their own cash flow he said. “Fixed expenses are those that stay relatively the same and are required parts of your way of living such as mortgage or rent, gas, cable, water, electricity, credit card payments. While variable expenses change from month to month and include groceries, travel, entertainment, eating out and gifts.” If you do not have savings you have to check your cash flow and make some adjustments on your expenses especially those which are both necessities.

The last speaker is Mr. David Isaiah Angway according to him Social enterprise means that there must be a social impact and a good return especially when it comes with the environment, community and it should be profitable, because it is not a charity. One example pf social enterprise is the Gawad-Kalinga (founder: Tony Miloto) they are building a lot of houses directly to different community and he is doing this to make sure that there will be a betterment for the families. In this country, according to Social Weather Station 2007 survey, we have 30,000 social enterprises. And in every social enterprise there must be a single bright mind and there should be a team. Everyone has a brilliant idea but at the end of the day execution matters. And right now we are already close to a hundred thousand social enterprises.

The JFINEX members who joined the Finance Caravan acquired additional knowledge from Finance experts which helped them to be more appreciative of their major and more involved in the JFINEX organization.

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