College of Pharmacy reigns in “Umindak Pinoy Style”

Article/News by: Weaver Marasigan and Kyle Burac Lovely Ann Joyce Sotomayor and Kim Tapic
Date Posted: August 14, 2016

College of Pharmacy took home yet another victory in the “Umindak Pinoy Style” competition held in the Rendu Cultural Center and Gymnasium, August 13.

Participated in by the Higher Education Department (HED) and the Senior High School Students (SHS), the event showcased the Cordian flair for contemporary dancing. The affair commenced with an opening prayer led by Ianne Louise Omaña, a senior high student. Hosted by Mr. Marlon Rosales and Mrs. Florenda Reyes, the participants from the Colleges of Teacher Education, Business Administration, Psychology, Liberal Arts, Social Work, Nursing, and Pharmacy and the Senior High displayed their takes based on the theme “Sa Natatanging Taon ng Hubeliyo ng Awa, Pamilyang Kordeano Gumugunita…Nagdiriwang…Tumatalima…” through their skills in the performing arts.

The winners were decided by an esteemed panel of judges: Ms. Michelle Loraine B. Cuario, Mr. Jesper F. Salumbides, and Mr. Barredo Dionisio B. Jr.

In the end, the College of Pharmacy were declared as champion; followed by the College of Nursing as first runner up and the College of Teacher Education and Accountancy as second runner up. However, Dionisio and Salumbides expressed their disappointment with participants and emphasized the importance of following guidelines and discipline.

Nevertheless, the panel of judges was much impressed by the presentations. “Cordians are very creative but emotional”, the judges said and added that in terms of the relevance to the theme, their performances are spot on.

Daniel Lizandro Calzado, president of the College Pharmacy expressed his exhilaration in winning first place by saying “Masayang masaya [kami]kasi bago lang kaming college” (We are very happy because we are just recently added in the school as a new college) and hoped that they had inspire people with their performance.

Ms Maria Lucila M. Baroro, Vice President for Student Development, Well-Being and External Linkages, who delivered the opening remarks, left an important message for the competitors. “Ang pagdiriwang ng College Days ay pagbubuklod” (Celebrating college days is a way of uniting Cordians) Baroro said. She then assured all contestants that the victory of one is a victory for all.

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