Article/News by: Sarah Mae Ramos and Inah Ebreo (The Heart Publication)
Date Posted: June 30, 2011

To heed this call, Sacred Heart College conducts its annual fire drill last July 28, 2011, at exactly three in the afternoon at the HED and BED buildings and other designated location in the school’s premises.

With the help of the Lucena City Bureau of Fire Protection, Lucena PNP and the city government, Sacred Heart College initiated the said activity. It starts off with the ringing of the bell to prompt the students, faculty and school personnel to go to their respective safe areas while a huge fire is occurring.

The rescuers, coming from the school personnel, hurriedly brought the victims (BSN students) near the HED Science Laboratory 1, first aid were given by selected Nursing students while an ambulance is waiting near the area for those victims who need further medical attention.

The Disaster Management Team headed by Engr. Elda C. Aranilla led the execution of the disaster drill. She was backed-up by the subcommittee heads Engr. Gerardo Navela as Incident Commander; Dr. Josefina M. Parentela as the Executive Officer; Mr. Matias Soriano, on-site Security lead. Completing the roster was Evacuation Team of Mrs. Vargas and Mr. Lloyd Alzola, Firefighting Committee of Mr. Victor Samaniego; Search and Rescue Team of Mr. Billie Tolentino and Mr. Rosales; and Communication Team headed by Mr. Elpidio Reyes and Mr. Dimailig.

“I was surprised with the positive responses of the assigned persons and those who cooperated in the drill. I believe that this could help educate and prepare everyone in times of disaster,” said Engr. Aranilla. She added that the drill will always be part of the program under her tutelage. “I’m doing this as part of the responsibility of the assigned task to me in educating the stakeholders in times of adversity”, she ended. With the continuous aim for disaster preparedness and management, SHC will always provide quality care and safety for its family.

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