SHC IBED Participated in the 2014 North District Meet

Article/News by: Mr. Victor Samaniego

September 12, the Integrated Basic Education Department of Sacred Heart College participated in the 2014 North Private District Athletic Meet. The annual sporting event is zonal competition participated in by St. Philomena School, Bristol Integrated School, Infant Jesus Montessori, St. College of the Pacific and Sacred Heart College. Winners in every event will get the chance to represent the District in the upcoming City Meet Competition sponsored by the Department of Education Division of Lucena and local government.

The program kicked off with the participating school gathering at SHC Covered Court for the Opening Ceremonies. Mr. Donard Calzado, Head of North District Private School delivered the opening remarks while Mr. Victor Samaniego gave the welcome remarks in behalf of the principal. Meanwhile, Kimberly Axalan (SHC) Medalist in Taekwondo, STCAA and Patrick Dayahan (IJM) Medalist in Table Tennis led the lighting of torch to symbolize the start of the two-day event.

The school’s delegation is headed by Mr. Victor Samaniego, IBED Sports Coordinator, Mrs. Angela Rodil, MAPEH Coordinator. They are assisted by the MAPEH Area teachers and selected faculty of the Integrated Basic Education Department. The coaches are: Volleyball Boys, Mr. Romeo Torio, Volleyball Girls, Mr. Dranreb Serrano, Badminton, Mr. Paul Manlapat, Basketball, Mr. Benedict Vegamora, Athletics, Mrs. Janice Deveza and Table Tennis, Mr. Richard Ingente.

Sr. Geraldine Denoga, D.C. Vice-President for Administrative Services and Finance with the IBED Principal Mr. Emmanuel Manga support the activity.

As of writing this article, the volleyball teams of the department will still have to prove that they are cut above from the rest of the participating teams.

The winners from Sacred Heart College, Integrated Basic Education Department are:

August 22, 2014
1. MAGSAYSAY, Eicel Gwyn L.       (6 Faith)
2. INGLES, Joshua C.        (5 Sincerity)

Table Tennis
1. DEVEZA, Jeoffree E.       (4 Simplicity)
2. INGENTE, Catherine Louise B.       (6 Compassion)

1. VILLAROSA, Philp George P.       (6 Hope)
1. VILLAMATER, Joseph Benedict S.       (6 Faith)

1. DEVEZA, Estelle Marie E.       (2 Serenity)

September 12, 2014
1. DALLO, Darlene R.       (7 Trustworthy, 100m 1st)
2. OMAÑA, Romina Victoria D.       (7 Righteousness, 100m 2nd)
3. GASIS, Lloyd Christopher B.       (10 Reverence, 100m 1st)
4. GASIS, Eljie Andro S.       (9 Peace, 100m 2nd)
5. ABEL, Joseph Dominique B.       (10 Endurance, 1500m 1st)
6. DURAL, Mike Arvin L.       (9 Courtesy, 1500m 2nd)
7. ARANDELA, Jumar M.       (7 Concern, 400m 1st)
8. GASIS, Lloyd Christopher B.       (10 Reverence, 400m 2nd)
9. DALLO, Darlene R.       (7 Trustworthy, 200m 1st)
10. OMAÑA, Romina Victoria D.       (7 Righteousness, 200m 2nd)
11. GASIS, EljieAndro S.       (9 Peace, 200m 1st)
12. GASIS, Lloyd Christopher B.       (10 Reverence, 100m 2nd)
13. ARANDELA, Jumar M.       (7 Concern, 800m 1st)
14. ARAGON, Ivan Christopher P.      (9 Courtesy, 800m 2nd)

1. GABATAN, Gerald Mico S.       (9 Courage, 1st Chess)

1. CURIA, Mary Joyce P.       (8 Discipleship, 2nd 100m Freestyle, 1st 100m Backstroke, 2nd 200m Freestyle , 1st 200m Butterfly)
2. DAYA, Ghea Angela R.       (9 Justice, 3rd 100m Freesyle, 1st 200m Freestyle)
3. LAT, Iris Angela S.
4. BONUS, Andre Ivan R.       (7 Freedom, 2nd 100m Backstroke, 1st 200m Freestyle)
5. VILLAMATER, Michael Joshua S.      (8 Integrity, 1st 100m Backstroke)

Basketball 1ST PLACE
1. LINGON, John Mark L.      (10 Endurance)
2. CABRAL, Carlton Cesar P.      
3. OABEL, Greer Jude L.       (10 Steward)
4. SAN PEDRO, Mario Jr. S.       (10 Reverence)
5. REYES, Michael II A.       (10 Adoration)
6. MAAÑO, Jerrick Mikhaelo F.      (9 Purity)
7. ECLAVEA, Michael M.       (9 Purity)
8. MUSNIT, Dansel F.      (9 Peace)
9. RACELIS, Menard M.      (9 Peace)
10. BANTIGUE, Ken William O.      (9 Justice)
11. BAASIS, Aron Gerald A.      (9 Forbearance)
12. PEGUERRA, Antonio Gabriel C.      (9 Forbearance)

Table Tennis

1. LATOZA, Alesandra E.      (7 Freedom, Gold)
2. GARCIA, Charrus Merlieana M.      (8 Integrity, Silver)
3. ALAYCAY, Tzarina Marky G.      (10 Adoration, Bronze)

Lawn Tennis

1. MENDOZA, Lilibeth B.      (10 Fortitude, 1st)
2. CASTRO, Georgina Ninna S.      (10 Solidarity, 2nd)
3. CASTRO, Diantha S.       (7 Merciful, 3rd)
4. REDOR, Marielle Therese S.      (8 Frugality, 4th)
5. REYTA, Louie Andrie R.       (9 Justice, 1st)


1. GABITO, Nissa Novette B.      (8 Modesty, Rank 2)
2. REGIO, Louise Marionne G.      (9 Purity, Rank 3)
3. GABITO, Gregg Norman B.      (7 Concern, Rank 1)
4. JALBUENA, Carl Mynard D.      (8 Integrity, Rank 2)

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