SHC clinches second in Interpretative Dance Division Level

Article/News by: Clare Mercado (The Heartbeat)

Every breath hitched and in synchronized movements, the Cordians claimed the stage.
Against the lights, the students clinched second place in the Interpretative Dance Division Level in a whirl of white. The Cordians won for their rendition of Freddie Aguilar’s Bulag Pipi Bingi held at Lucena West 1, Sept. 1.

In intricate dance moves and dramatic expressions, the dancers told the story of Juana dela Cruz, a young maiden blind, deaf and dumb to the whims of the world and her journey to eternal rest.

The Cordians showed the importance of life and emphasized awareness in the current situations of the world. Despite certain circumstances, the students continued on with their performance and managed to claim second in the tight competition.

Ms. Michelle Cuario directed and choreographed the whole presentation.

Mr. Jerome Suarez, Mr. Arthur Jan Dominguez and Dr. Eric Habijan composed the board of judges.

Lucena City National Highschool grabbed first, Cota National Highschool bagged third and Holy Rosary Catholic School landed third.
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