Article/News by: Arraleen JFINEX
Date Posted: June 30, 2016

The SHC-Junior Financial and Investment Executives (JFINEX) accepted the invitation of their University of The Philippines counterpart by joining the “First Students Leaders Financial Summit” last April 23 2016 at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura. With more than 60 colleges and universities offering Finance program attending the Cordians listened to the objective of the summit which was explained in the opening remarks of Eduardo V. Francisco the President of Banco De Oro Capital. Mr. Francisco said “If I can do it, then you can too” which he means failure was not a hindrance to success that even the brightest student will fail. This is, according to him, based on his own experience. He challenged the student leaders major in Finance to be smart, inquisitive and approachable. Once you are employed, according to him, any position given to you will just be a challenge.

The first speaker was the Chief Operating Officer of Philippine Stock Exchange; Mr. Roel Rafran, who shared the role of the Stock Market in Savings and Investments. The most memorable quote he said were "you have to stand" because "You are the business". In the afternoon parallel sessions, the JFINEX Cordians attended tracks according to the four topics: basic investing, intermediate investing, leadership and innovation.

The first speaker was Mr. Edmundo Lee Chief Executive Officer Caylum Trading Institute and he talked about Investing 101 wherein he gave us four questions to answer:

(1) is it safer to put your money into one investment, or to put your money into multiple businesses or investments?
(2) If in the next 10 years the prices of the things you buy double. If your income also doubles, will you be able to buy less than you can buy today, the same as you can buy today, or more than you can buy today?
(3) Suppose you need to borrow $100. Which is the lower amount to pay back: $105 or $100 plus 3 percent? And last number
(4) Suppose you put your money in the bank for 2 years and the bank agrees to pay 15% per year. Will the bank add more money to your account the second year than it did in the first year, or will it add the same amount of money both years?
On those questions we only got two correct answers and based on Mr. Lee only 25% of people answer it correctly and if you did it you are a smart person. People need to be more aware in terms of financial literacy, it is necessary to have an abundance mindset to be more productive and to become rich. He discussed also the Four rules of becoming wealthy. First, follow the money; individuals need to understand wealth and know those wealthy people like lawyer, artist, doctors, etc. and be inspired with them because according to him 31% are in high level executive and 69% started their own business and most of them invest in stock market and your money will build business. Always value the price of paper you get for you to continue in business world. Second, Stock market outperform all asset classes; Third, in uncertainty, lies huge opportunity; Fourth, Search for growing companies; because great companies create value even though there is a risk.

Second speaker was Ms. Arlyn Tan Certified Financial Planner Sun Life Financial and she talked about Basic Financial Planning. She discussed SUNLIFE investment and insurance products and emphasizes that we cannot rely on the government because we have our own time, resources and opportunities. She said that finance students have roles to help people to appreciate investment and show its benefit to the life of people.

The third speaker, Ms. Maria Francesca Tan Chief Executive Officer and Founder MFT Group who talked about How to Travel Without Going Broke. She shared about her experience as a student, businesswoman, daughter, sister and as a president of Regina Online Investing. She said when she was 13 years old she keep on going to Makati City in the office of PSE and ask the guard where she can find a people who can teach her on how to trade. She keeps on going her journey by herself and with the aid of her friends. Until one day, one door opened for her and it is the Regina Online, she gave her best and proved to her parents that she can do it. She also shares techniques on what month is the right time to sell and buy and it is effective because they apply it until now on their company.


In the afternoon session of the seminar, the first speaker in the leadership track was Mr. Reginaldo Cariaso, the managing Director of BPI Capital Corporation. While studying, he became close to his Filipino roommates who wanted to be an investment banker. After years of studying, he failed in being a doctor because of his love for history, specifically military history. And he quote, "so many things happen during the time of conflicts" and "you have to look at the bright side all the time". For he love the military history, he joined the navy, stayed with the submarine force for six years. And he quote " teamwork has to be prepared before any situation". And eventually he was the one who became an investment banker, he said "there comes numbers, its money, stay calm no one's going to die". Afterwards, he talked about banking, a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck. He said, "you should sell solutions not just products". Being an investment banker brought him back to the Philippines, and worked with BPI Capital and quote "no matter what to go, what you do, turn the wheels everything have to be financed". Upon working for BPI Capital, a lot of opportunities was given to him. He was sent to India, for the Bank Assurance joint venture which is very new in India, he lived there for 6months, in Mumbai. His next project under BPI Capital is the Dual-listing IPO of Seoul, Korea and London. Also the dual-listing of DTAC in Singapore and Malaysia, he lived there for four months. He also handled the IPOs of Thaioil, Visa, Metro Retail Stores Group, Max's Group, SSI Group, AP Renewables, etc. After his talk some questions are entertained, the first question was "how do you handle failures?" then he said, "Someone introduced me as an entrepreneur and I failed. Failure is a learning experience. Be positive about it. That's the attitude that we have to take". Another question asked by one of the participants from Sacred Heart College name Chary Grace Jaca, goes "How do you bring a team together despite of their different preferences and ideas?" And Mr. Cariaso said, "every situation led to different decision, willingness to share and understanding the points. You can come up with great things. When a decision is made, the team have to support and work through it". The last question was about the must have qualities of a fit presidentiable. Lastly, he said "relax with this election. A greater focus on corporate governance, financial growth inclusivity. Things that should be in their radar. It should be with transparency and fairness". Afterwards he was awarded with a certificate and a token of appreciation.

The second speaker was introduced, Ms. Julia Chu, TEDx Speaker and Global Leader. As she started her talk, she considers herself an adventurer because as of the moment ;she is twenty-three years old and have already visited thirty-one countries. And she quote, "being a leader can't be taught". At this moment, she asked us to write on a piece of paper what we admit as our positive and negative characteristics and share it with our seatmates. After which, she shared hers and quote "being a leader means working on the difficult stuffs". She followed it with another remarkable phrase "leading by example means doing the dirty works". She asked us to bring out our writing materials again and write down something that will bring us out our comfort zone. This time there's no need for us to share it with out seatmates. And she said "leading by example means being the first to go out of your comfort zone".

The flow talks about being solution-oriented and quote "leadership doesn't mean always having the right answer, but always being solution-oriented". She inspired us how important it is to look at the inside than the outside. She had this dream of becoming the first woman chief justice, which is impossible now that we have chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. She also discussed the standard life script of Filipinos. And also the sources of problems, which are the people. She gave comments about the flight and fight syndrome. She made us write down our sources of inspiration. And quote "you always have something to learn. When you speak you learn nothing. When you're quiet you learn something". She ended her talk with a quote, "in leadership the most important is relationships. Building relationships with you people".

The last speaker is Mr. Herminio Fama-gan Jr., chief executive officer of Maybank Philippines. His first words were "fighting above your weight class" he also state the accounting principle, Assets = liabilities + owner's equity, in which the bank deposits stand as their liabilities. As of now BDO acclaims that they are the biggest, and BPI as the oldest while Maybank all they could say is, I am a Malaysian bank, which is very true. He asked, "what would the customers want after twenty years? Simplicity, convenience, and reliability. Your product is more than your product listing. We, the Maybank, we are one of the youngest and not even one of the biggest". Lastly, he left tips on how to compete with bigger monsters. First, be hungry. Second, conserve energy and lastly, high tolerance for pain.


He talked about “How to Start a Start-Up” he simply discuss his talk on three questions. Why, What and How? First, Why do you want to start a start-up? Second, the “what” question and last is the “how” question.

He started his “why” with two principles. First,begin with the end in mind and last is the inspiration metric. His talk circulates with the “WHAT” question.

First, that which you are good at
Second, that which you love
Third, that which the world needs
Last, that which you can be paid for

We meet different students from different schools and we share our thoughts about those what. Mr. Uy said that “if you don’t know what is your why, don’t go to your what.”

He quoted “not all passion in your life is not a mission in your career life” he speaks as a father not an employee. He speaks like he knows all of us. He speaks like we meet before.

And his last part was the “WHY” question and he stated that you need to find the target, meet a need and articulate. After his talk, a lot of realization came into our mind. He quoted “ if your cost is less than your passive income, then your financially independent”.

The second speaker was Mr. Shahab “Hey Kuya’s Founder” He elaborates how he handles Hey Kuya. It started seven months ago. He said that if you will succeed, you will and you can just trust in yourself.

The last speaker was Ms. Rochelle Diaz
Ayala Land
Chief Finance Officer

“The Leader in Me”

She started her talk about the achievements of Ayala. What are the properties of Ayala. And she quoted “It’s not all about the money”

She ellaborates the pathways to success which are
Rule no. 1 Get in control of your assets (safeguard, accountability)
Rule no. 2 increase your income, know your purpose, innovate
Rule no. 4 increase savings and investment
Rule no. 5 account for what you have earned
Rule no. 6 always be grateful
Rule no. 7 REPEAT

The seminar ended around 5 in the afternoon.
The SHC-JFINEX participants left the convention center with a knowledge and insights that give them an edge of competitiveness.

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