Article/News by: Arraleen V. Abellanosa
Date Posted: September 17, 2016

The battle for the best in Finance flame up August 27, 2016 at Hermana Fausta Hall where 20 combatants hungrily tackle, rattle and buckle down to capture the crown in the Junior Financial and Investment Executives Smart Smackdown Finance Quiz Bee. Divided into two sessions, the first part was given to the 4th Year Finance Students last August 27, 2016 and the second to 4th year Management Accounting students last September 2, 2016.

Ms. Chary Jaca, JFINEX President, spelled out the guidelines and formally presented the participants while the quiz bee master explained the points for the 10 questions Easy round, Average and Difficult rounds.

When the dust settled, the winners for Financial Management major are (L-R) Donnabelle T. Peñalosa (3rd Place)with 81 points, Angelo Christian Calong(1st Place) with 106 points , Aimee S. De Torres(2nd Place) with 91 points.

While the Management Accounting winners Are Felices, Hana Lee (3rd Place)With 84 Points, Sta.Ana Roniel Rou(2nd Place) With 89 Points, Bongay,Manilissa Marie (1st Place)with 96 points.

The winners earned their way to represent the school in the upcoming 6th Ysmael V. Baysa Finance Cup, and in the most awaited National Finance Competition.

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