Let’s Talk Face to Face, Stop Phubbing!

Article/News by: Angelle Joy M. Ynson (AB Comm 4)
Date Posted: August 31, 2017
Do you know what phubbing is? Do you know that phubbing affects our daily lives?

According to Misra, et al. (2014) phubbing is the art of looking at your mobile device while someone is trying to communicate with you. Phubbing destroys the effectiveness of face to face communication because of engaging to technologies and social media. It is a distraction to an individual or to most people, that cause to find hard to communicate with each other.

People nowadays are doing this so called phubbing especially the teenagers. They easily get attached and distracted by their mobile devices by the latest trends in social media or by just a simple text message from their friends. Even adults are doing the same too. The habit of phubbing can be observed anywhere. (at home, school, malls, work, etc.) People cannot get enough of phubbing because of the mobile devices and social media addiction. Phubbing affects our personal relationship with others. In some research published, phubbing not only damages your personal relationships, but it can also lead to depression and lower rates of overall life satisfaction for the phubbee.

The importance of face to face communication in the absence of mobile device and social media is that people connect and communicate well and understand what they are saying or topic they are talking. It builds mutual understanding, less hassle, and more effective in expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas. It has higher level of emphathetic concern, most of all it is effective in building more social relationship (in family, friends, classmates, co-workers, etc.)

Here at Sacred Heart College, we go for the “Anti-Phubbing Campaign” to show concern to our fellow students, in order to be enlightened by the effects of phubbing in our communication. Together we can stay connected as one Cordian, with one advocacy “Let’s talk face to face. Stop Phubbing”.

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