First Upsurge Finance Seminar Attracts Finance Enthusiasts in the Province

Article/News by: Jezza Manuelle B. Zoleta and Joanne R. Obciana (Photo By: Judy Rodelas and Jezza Manuelle B. Zoleta)
Date Posted: March 17, 2017

The Junior Finance Investment Executives (JFINEX) of Sacred Heart College conduct the First Upsurge Finance Seminar last March 4, 2017 at Hermana Fausta Hall. The goal of the seminar are to propagate financial education, prepare finance students in their future career and provide opportunity for Quezonians to learn from finance experts and professionals.

The first to share is the Dean and moderator of Junior Financial and Investment Executives (JFINEX) Mr. Arnel L. Cadeliña wherein he shared his experience on mutual fund investing. He emphasized that everybody should have a goal when investing by asking himself “Para saan at para kanino ka nag i-invest?”. He added that investing on a mutual fund you have to determine first what is your reason on investing and second choose what kind of investment. Dean Cadelina’s reason behind his investing was his daughter and son. He shared four types of Mutual Funds which are (1) Money Market Mutual Fund for short term investment, (2) Bond Mutual Fund for short medium term investment, (3) Balance Mutual Fund for medium long term and (4) Equity Mutual Fund for long term investment goals. Since it’s an online investing, you choose your online investment firm either First Metro or COL Financial. Everybody can open an account, analyze the data and sell it in higher than the price you bought it. Dean Cadelina’s last message was “We-students must start and invest regularly. Invest earlier because you have a long time horizon!”

The next who shared was Mr. Rey C. Rodil wherein he tackled Financial Spirituality and Wisdom. Mr. Rodil is a Religious Education professor who shared his words of wisdom about Financial Spirituality. “God made us all Expensive”, this means that we need to know our worth. God made us special and expensive to treat ourselves and to treat by others in the right and best ways. Mr. Rodil said that “God showers us equal blessings”. Everything that we need to become happy is within us. As a business students, Mr. Rodil said that we need first to work for our souls to make it rich then work for our wallet. From Psalm 24:1 “God owns it All” Hope that we all learned the most powerful principle. Your business is not your source. Your boss is not your source. God is the only source of everything you need. Other people have limited resources, but God has the unlimited supplies. When you seek Him more than the blessing, you will not worry. Because God provides all! The last quote that Mr. Rodil shared was “Money is a good servant, but a very bad master” money is a good servant in terms of it becomes the medium to get our daily needs but too much money can spoil our mind lead to temptations and root of all evils.

The third who shared was Mr. Marlon Molmisa who captured the audience when he tackled Unleashing the Potential Leader in You. Mr. Molmisa said, “Great leaders always go back to where they have started” and millennials who are known to be lazy, most entitled, and very possessive, Mr. Molmisa stated that millenials should not be defined by grades but rather through efforts that will define their true nature. Failures and defeats are the strongest force towards success, he added. Being the best is not important, but doing the best is all that matters. There are 3 reasons given by Mr. Molmisa why we are here whether we are at the deepest point of our lives or experiencing joy and victories. Always remember that (1) We are a blessing to other people. We may not know but there are a lot of people around us made us there inspiration every time we do such things. (2) We are here to make a big impact. We have a great contribution to this country, to this generation, to this nation, and to this world. And lastly (3) To make us braver. We are facing many struggles nowadays but God is preparing us to a bigger task that will lead us to grow, to become a better person, and for us to be brave. In this generation, it's easy to make fake accounts. It's easy to pretend on facebook. It's easy to dispose friends. One click away. At the end of the day, it's not about success nor business sales. It's how many relationships you build, how many genuine friends you sustain all thoughout your life. Honesty and good integrity are the most important value that we need to learn and apply to our lives.

The last speaker was Mr. Dave Aguila who shared his knowledge about personal finance and investment. According to him in order for us to achieve Financial Success we must follow these 2 steps. First, Proper Education in terms of our own health-Ketogenic lifestyle, no longer drinking alcohol, excising more frequently, less stressed, and sleeping, and sleep more. Second, Proper Implementation. We must learn from our reliable sources. “Failure” is permanent, once it is done, it’s done! While “Mistake” is repairable unlike failure. Mr. Aguila told us the Finance and Financial Planning Know-How’s and these are Trial and Errors, Partner with someone who have already went through the Trial and Error, and Learn from someone’s Trial and Error. Output=Input, everything that we-students do now is a practice for the real world.

The first Upsurge Finance Seminar tested the will and determination of the JFINEX officers and the positive feedbacks from invited teachers and students will mean that this seminar will now be an annual event.

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