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Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City


Integrated Basic Education (IBED)

General Objectives
The Integrated Basic Education Department encompasses Kindergarten to Grade Ten levels (pre- school, elementary and secondary levels) through the adoption of the Basic Education Program for DC schools.
The Integrated Basic Education Program for DC Schools is designed to help the child who is at the pre – school to high school stage to formal schooling acquire basic knowledge and understanding, develop basic attitudes and values, master basic skills, mature Filipino , a mature Christian and a mature Vincentian ( service-oriented especially towards the poor) , so that each child becomes true to his/her vocation and role in God’s plan for creation and mankind . Further, it helps him/her widen and deepen these experiences as he/she goes from stage of development to another.
The formation is achieved through is academic offering and its support programs that provide for a wholesome environment that facilitated personalized and group opportunities, religious and service- oriented experiences to be enjoyed by the child in his/her formative years. This is also facilitated the adoption of a unified and integrated scheme in its organizational structure and personnel resources both human and material, curriculum and evaluation.

An Integrated Basic Education Graduate is expected to:

Have possessed basic knowledge and understanding, have developed proper attitudes, values, and behavior, have acquired mastery of basic skills and have widened and deepened the experiences necessary in the development of the different aspects of his person: physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional, that bring him towards becoming a FULLY FUNCTIONING PERSON. The outcome is best observed through the following behavioral indicators at the end of two main grade levels.



Is able to read and write proficiently and to express ideas orally and in writing in Filipino and English

Shows continuing proficiently in speaking and writing both English and Filipino, and the ability to react intelligently to mass media and other life situation.

Is able to perform the four fundamental operations and compute and solve problems related to daily living

Develops further mastery of reading and computation skills and use of scientific inquiry through the process of observation, formulation of hypotheses, data gathering, analysis and drawing of conclusions.

Shows the mastery of the basic concepts and skills in all subject areas of the Basic Education Curriculum.

Demonstrates skills in critical reflection and the making of moral judgments.

Manifest the ability to listen selectively and critically and to express ideas creatively.

Respect his own dignity and that of others as a child of God.

Is aware and appreciative of his uniqueness and that of others; respectful and accepting of self and others.

Grows in positive understanding and acceptance of himself and others.

Distinguishes between what is right and wrong; accepts right and responsibilities and answer of his own behavior.

Manifest increased self-confidence in his relationships with others.

Shows equal and fair treatment in dealing with others.

Is spontaneous in hi expression of thoughts, convictions and feelings.

Show eagerness to build a new world of brotherhood, sharing compassion and peace.

Participates in his own development as growing adolescent.

Is alive and life- giving and freeing, responsive and responsible, loving and lovable.

Accepts and challenges of pains and difficulties of growing up; is able to build constructively on his failures

Is cheerful, gracious, respectful and friendly.

Accepts responsibility and consequences of his own decisions.

Develops a sense of wonder and appreciation for beauty through the active use of his senses.

Manifests and Homeness with own sexuality and that of others.

Shows appreciation and pride in indigenous and contemporary arts and culture by participating in or attending cultural activities.

Shows proper care and respect for his body.

Manifests creativity and develops his talents, skills in arts.

Develops healthy and wholesome personality.

Develops health and physical fitness habits in accordance with his normal development

Strives self-direction through the exercise of decision making and value clarification

Is refined in manners and behavior and tactful in speech

Shows openness and desire for learning and develops good study habits.
Manifest a steady exercise of good grooming, neatness, orderliness, refinement in speech and manner and wise use of time in leisure and work.