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Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
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Rising from the Ashes: SHC celebrates blessing and turnover of buildings

July 29 was a day of great importance for Sacred Heart College of Lucena City. On this date, new and renovated buildings were blessed and turned over to the school upon completion of its constructions and renovations. Most. Rev Mel Rey M. Uy, DD, the Bishop of the Diocese of Lucena, and Rev. Fr. Gerardo G. Vibar, CM, the DC Provincial Director, led the celebration of the holy mass. The blessing and turnover ceremonies of the buildings followed. Sr. Maria Ana Rosario Evidente, DC, the Visitatrix, led the ribbon-cutting for the new buildings. These include St. Louise de Marillac (SLM), St. Catherine Labouré (SCL), St. Vincent de Paul (SVP), and the powerhouse.

Immediately after the ribbon-cutting ceremonies were the formal turnover rites at the Hermana Fausta Lounge in the SLM building. The program started with flag-raising ceremonies, the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the College Hymn. Then, Sr. Maria Ana Rosario Evidente, DC, the Visitatrix delivered her dedicatory address.

In her message, she said, “The Vincentian Charism, dynamic and vibrant as it is, goes beyond the structure of these buildings we blessed, rather as the very essence of our DC life, it is constantly inspiring us to be faithful followers of Jesus. Sacred Heart College Community with its mission partners attends religiously to the mission entrusted to them.” She added that the “5-Storey SLM building as it stands now and the other buildings are equipped with the necessary gadget/equipment as required by the National Building Code and the Local Government Units (LGUs) for the safety of all occupants. Specifically, the Basic Education, Senior High School, Higher Education, and Graduate Education students will occupy the SLM building.

The other buildings are lovingly dedicated to our dear students and the rest of the stakeholders here in Lucena City, in Quezon Province, and in the world in general.” “As I dedicate these buildings to you and the mission, I also would like to ask you to take special care of them and the other school facilities as we should. It is our responsibility before the Lord as stewards of His creation to maintain the newness of the building. In that way, the next generations can also avail of these facilities,” she ended, congratulating everyone for this historic mission. The presentation of the buildings was ushered in by the different heads and partners.

Architect Hector Balanak and Engr. Emefelia Salanguit presented the Saint Louis de Marillac building (SLM). Arch. Balanak explained that the 5-story building features a lightning arrester, a fully automated fire alarm system, a lift elevator, CCTV cameras, earthquake monitoring accelerograph, a fully automated generator, and an embedding main electrical feeder line. Also featured are a wide hallway, spacious classrooms, private and public areas zoning, and a ramp for the abled and physically challenged. “We followed the National Building Code requirements and other laws about structural stability faithfully. The Saint Louise de Marillac Building will address academic and non-academic requirements,” Balanak ended.

“The Saint Louise de Marillac Building was constructed in partnership with the ELS Consultancy and Project Management, Inc.,” said Engr. Emefelia. Learning that Saint Louise de Marillac is the Patroness of all Christian Social Workers made the ELS engineers assigned to Sacred Heart College adhere to the highest ethical and efficiency in directing and coordinating the human and material resources throughout the construction of the said building.

Engr. Cesar Paciños and Engr. Francis Maaño presented the Saint Catherine Laboure building. Engr. Paciños said that “this newly refreshed/rehabilitated Saint Catherine Laboure Building is a testament of PACE Project Management being also in touch in the important role of the structural design and project management in completing the project.”

PACE Project Management is presenting the Saint Catherine Laboure Building with confidence that the ultimate goal of Sacred Heart College, satisfying the client’s need for a viable building in terms of functionality and budget, is achieved. “I am grateful for having PACE Project Management considered in this endeavor,” Paciños ended.

“The Saint Catherine Laboure Building, in consideration of safety, was designed with a robust and flexible approach to fire safety while minimizing unnecessary costs and future maintenance requirements. Mechanical plans, including the air conditioning, fire protection including pumps and piping, elevators, and powerhouse, were also part of my work. Presenting them to all of you joys my heart,” said Engr. Maaño.

Engr. Felipe Elises, “the Powerhouse of Sacred Heart College with 1 MVA generator, will provide a reliable, fuel-efficient, automatic loading control and low emissions. It will power all buildings with frequency and voltage stability. I am honored to present the powerhouse to all from Sacred Heart College Administration, the designers, ELS Consultancy and Project Management, and PACE Project Management.”

“I am deeply honored to be part of this project, and to see the courage, determination, and inspiration of the Daughters of Charity to build these buildings amid the pandemic pushed us to beat the target. Their conscientiousness in monitoring that every peso spent will bring more hope to the faces of the poor and underprivileged and enliven the hopes and confidence of young Filipinos that a brighter future awaits them was an inspiration for us to do our work with love,” said Elises.

Sr. Maria Luisa B. Javier, DC, SHC President, was handed over with the key symbolizing the acceptance of the buildings. SHC Community, Local Construction Committee, President’s Council, Club Presidents, Student Council Officers, PTA/Alumni Presidents, and Alumni Committee witnessed this symbolic acceptance.

As part of the blessing tradition, the Provincial Curia, BOT Members, and SHC Community initiated the shower of blessings. Also highlighted in the event was an offering of plants from Cordian students, symbolizing the school’s future growth. The historic event was witnessed by more than 500 guests, including stakeholders, donors, dignitaries, and public officials.

Mrs. Sylvia Ingente, HR Director, and Mr. Narciso Cruzat, Jr., VP-SDWEL, served as masters of ceremony.