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Brownbag session 2 tackles basics of research graphs and tables

BSBA department’s Brownbag Session 2 was held last February 6, 2020 via Google Meet. It was entitled: “Creating Better Table Design for Research Paper.” It aimed to teach students the basics of graphs and the importance to interpret given data in research.

Arnel L. Cadeliña, former Dean of the College of Business Administration, Accountancy, and Computer Science, a CFA charter holder, and currently the JFINEX-SHC moderator, displayed his expertise when it comes to visualizing data analytics. As a prominent user of Tableau, (software that is useful in the field of data visualization) he imparted his knowledge in the field through the interactive session. According to him, the use of graphs that are three-dimensional can lead to the display of inaccuracy through the augmented shapes. With this, charts should be flat and minimalistic in order to further determine what is being portrayed in a chart, it is also noteworthy to remember the use of the right colors, like blue, for example, it is one of the safest colors because it is color-blind friendly. It is also important when using colors to highlight things or numbers that are essential and which one is referring to, for it to avoid confusion. In addition, he also showed different graphs that can be used in dashboards when showcased.

The Brownbag Session was created in order to cater to the rise of the need for students’ knowledge in research writing as well as visual analytics. The Brownbag Sessions’ purpose is to impart students timely topics linked in the diverse field of business, economics, and finance, allowing them to grasp current events looking at the lens of a professional and academic perspective.

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