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Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
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At Orientation Week: SHC kicks off new school year like no other

August 2, 2022 – Sacred Heart College of Lucena, Inc welcomes the start of the new school year with a week-long orientation activity, with the first day devoted to personnel’s – both old and new – presentation in the Now Normal, held at the SHC Rendu Cultural Center and Gymnasium with the theme: “Synchronizing and Strengthening SHC’s Mission in the New Normal.”

Fr. Jufer Gutierrez led the Eucharistic Celebration with the assistance of the Christian-Vincentian Formation team.

After the opening prayer and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the College Hymn, Mrs. Sylvia Ingente, HR Director, delivered her welcome remarks.

Sr. Maria Luisa B. Javier, DC, SHC President, also gave an inspirational message. She shared the importance of appreciation of the work done by the personnel. “We must duly acknowledge the contributions of our employees not only during the construction phase of the new building but also in their respective work performances,” Sr. Malu said.

“We think of sharing our commitment as we are front-liners. The service we give to our stakeholders reflects the fulfillment of our mission as Cordian mission partners,” she ended.

Ms. Hazel San Gil, CVF Director, and Mr. Andrian Reglos, Institutional Campus Ministry Coordinator, headed the discussion of the school’s Vision-Mission, Core Values, Action Goals, and Graduates Attributes.

Afterward, Mrs. Sylvia Ingente reviewed the Code of Ethics and Conduct for the DC Mission Partners.

The highlight of the morning activity was the presentation of the new appointees, servant administrators, and mission partners.

In the afternoon, Mr. Lloyd Alzola, Principal of the BED K-12 presented the department’s plan for the incoming school year. He bared plans detailing academic and non-academic conduct, including strategies for mitigating learning circumstances and offering in-person classes in the now normal.

He informed us that Wednesdays are a disinfection day for the department with trained personnel. A crisis management committee will also be installed.

“Our goal is to implement K-12 curriculum while adhering to the public health protocol. Together as one SHC family, and with the blessing from above, we can fulfill our mission as Cordian partners in the mission,” Alzola ended.

Dr. Ma. Lucila M. Baroro, VP-Academics, discussed the plan of the Higher Education Department in the Now Normal.

She informed that the College of Nursing and Pharmacy was the first to re-open in-person classes upon issuing a certificate of authority from CHED.

The HED will adopt flexible learning. While it is still alert level 1 in Lucena City, full in-person classes will still be implemented by the College of Nursing and Pharmacy. Other programs still apply for the certificate of authority to operate in-person classes.

“While waiting for the certificate, all non-allied medical programs will still be conducted on a fully online basis. We assure the public that we are transitioning and getting ready in the direction of full in-person classes for all programs,” Dr. Baroro informed the body.

She also presented the general guidelines for the said transition. “There was also a shift from the 14-day to 28-day class sessions upon hearing the feedback of students,” she said.

Dr. Raquel Sena presented the plans for Graduate Education in learning delivery. “The course modality is blended, and all course works are still online, while all final examinations and thesis writing sessions will be conducted in-person,” she said. Dr. Sena however, exceptions from those working overseas, and those living in far-flung areas will apply.

The new DC-SLMES logo was also presented. In the logo-making contest, the entry from SHC created by Ms. Shiela won 3rd place. The entry from Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion-Cebu won first place and became the official logo of the DC-SLMES. Dr. Sena informed the SHC community that the logo must appear in letters and communications whether inter-office or outbound.

Ms. Jimelyn Lindog presented the SHC-TESDA Program.

SHC is a registered TVET Training Center for Bookkeeping NC III program then at the same time Accredited Competency Assessment Center for four programs like Bookkeeping NC III; Events Management Services NC III; Tourism Promotion Services NC II and also Pharmacy Services NC III.

SHC also grants scholarship in Bookkeeping NC III with 25 scholars in TVET Training Center.

“We have an excellent track record in the assessments of the national certificates as most programs have almost 100% passing rate on average,” said Ms. Lindog.

Mr. Cruzat tackled the schedule of student activities. He said organizations must conduct activities online unless the event is a major one. “All major events must have a permit from the school authorities,” he said.

“SHC will also offer the canteen services for school personnel (breakfast and lunch), and students can only buy boxed lunch from the canteen. Students are therefore encouraged to bring their own baon,” Cruzat added, also emphasizing the strict observation of traffic flow.

“We are reiterating to everyone to support us in propagating the lessons in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in responding to the challenge of taking care of God’s creations,” he said.

A closing prayer led by the JHS CL teachers ended the activity for day 1.

The second day of the orientation will be held online via zoom on August 3, while the remaining days of the week will be devoted to department/unit orientations and those of old and new students with their parents. Students and their parents will also receive the same information extensively during their schedules.

Mr. Eduard Mancilla and MS. Catherine Sales hosted the orientation.