Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc.

Vincentian Cordian Pantry in Sacred Heart College, Lucena City

It is a confirmation that Vincentian Cordian Spirit is alive. From the time we heard about community pantry (inspired by Maginhawa community), the hearts of the Cordians beat faster and moved hands to act.

The Vincentian Cordian Pantry in Sacred Heart College opened on April 20, 2021 with the blessing of Fr. Edgar Allan Santayana. Then people from the nearby communities started to ask if they get what they need while cars slowed down to observe and later donated goods for the people.

Day 2 was an experience of the providence and presence of God. It was concretely felt by the individuals and families bringing goods. This day was highlighted by the presence of a 10-year old girl who sell sweet potato in the street and was so amazed to receive goods from the pantry.

Sharing in charity and solidarity have been happening naturally. We are now in Day 3, there is still long line of people outside the SHC gate but we are very grateful that there are hearts continuously beating one with us and with our in need sisters and brothers.

In the Gospel today, Jesus once again tells us that He is the Bread of Life. (Jn 6:48) The food that sustains and nourishes us. The Eucharist that we celebrate each day is a great sign of the Christian community by which we share to all.

Sharing what we received in the Eucharist is what we try to practice in setting up the Vincentian Cordian Pantry. Some may visit the pantry more than once a day, but people with generous hearts come more times in a day. Sacred Heart College is very grateful for these people that give meaning to our Vincentian Cordian identity. Our unending prayers for you sisters and brothers. God bless us all and keep safe.

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