Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City


This Year’s Theme: “Celebrating Life’s Mission Towards Renewed Evangelization”

In the book of Revelation, God declares: “Behold, I make all things new!” (Rev 21:5)

Good morning, my dear Mission Partners!
Today, we begin a new school year, and we will soon welcome many new students to our school. We will even have new school buildings that will rise, literally so, from ashes of last school year’s devastating fire. There will be new methods of teaching, new ways of learning, new lessons to impart, new ways of doing things. With a new school year come new hopes, new expectations, new dreams, new concerns, new challenges and don’t forget, new blessings!

Each year, we are renewed. And I dare say that we all want to face and welcome this new school year with renewed enthusiasm and zeal for our mission as educators and learners. Let us be animated with a spirit of gratitude to our God who deemed us worthy in the pursuit of His mission for renewed evangelization right here at Sacred heart College. For SHC is the vineyard where the Lord has assigned us to labor in. he wants us to render this vineyard fruitful for the sake of His Kingdom. As we do so, we celebrate life – His life – and behold the blessings that come with this new life.

The next few days will see us being oriented to these new directions of our educational mandate and enterprise. Let us take them all in both – both in gratitude for the privilege of working in the Lord’s vineyard called Sacred Heart College as well as with fresh resolve to pursue this work with greater commitment and generosity of self.

What the Lord is telling us in working in His vineyard is to produce and bear fruit in our lives. All God asks is that we provide good soil by having faith and trust in him amidst the challenges of the new school year. He will take our talents and use them to build his kingdom in the hearts of his people.

I therefore appeal to you, dear Lay Mission Partners to be the good soil for the seed of his love. And so – Are we willing to give what God asks of us especially in rebuilding our beloved Sacred Heart College? Yes? Is this a commitment because this year and the coming years, there will be more inconveniences and adjustments. Again, we hope and pray that you will respond in openness and generosity of hearts. For God truly loves us; there is no proportion between what we contribute to God’s kingdom and what he accomplishes through us. Every little act of kindness we do will be multiplied in God’s hands…. and the harvest of our lifetime of dedicated service to some noble cause will be increased a hundredfold by God. Let us continue help rebuilding our institution in the measure of Christ love.

Thank you and God bless us all!